Truther Rosie O'Donnell Is Unclear on 9/11 Perpetrators, But Could Work With Ex-Bush Aide

After reiterating her support for 9/11 conspiracy theories over the weekend, Rosie O'Donnell insisted she could work with a possible new co-host, despite ties to George W. Bush. Many 9/11 truthers smear the ex-president as having either orchestrated, or failed to stop, the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

When asked if she could be civil with Nicolle Wallace, the former communications chief for Bush and a rumored new co-host, O'Donnell responded via Twitter, "i enjoy nicole - am reading her book right now - and i do not know who is to blame [for 9/11]." [See screen shots of tweets below.] The liberal host also offered her opinion on whether the moon landing was a hoax. 

I asked Wallace for her thoughts on O'Donnell's trutherism. She declined to defend Bush, dodging, "I think you should get outside and enjoy this gorgeous day!" 

On August 9, Twitter user @MathewSHarrison queried, "How about the Apollo moon landings Rosie? Were those a government con?" O'Donnell responded, "I don't think so – but some do." 

She doesn't "think" the moon landing was faked? Is there any bizarre story O'Donnell will totally reject? 

Over the last few years, ABC hosts and journalists have loudly raised concerns about birther conspiracy theories and painted all conservatives as connected to them. Now, the same network has endorsed the hiring of an arch-liberal --and  9/11 truther --  for one of its most prominent shows. 

On Friday, I tweeted the comedienne to see if O'Donnell continues to reject the idea that Muslim terrorists were behind 9/11. O'Donnell responded, "I still do not believe the official story." 

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