CBS’s Charles Osgood Promotes John Kerry Comparing Global Warming Skeptics To Those Who Thought Earth Was Flat

CBS News host Charles Osgood rarely catches our attention at NewsBusters, but every now and then he does something that makes us shake our heads in dismay.

During his weekly Sunday morning program CBS News Sunday Morning, Osgood touted a recent speech by Secretary of State John Kerry in which Kerry “likened deniers of climate change to those who once believed Earth is flat.” [See video below.]

The segment lasted less than 15 seconds, but Osgood’s commentary represents a sad reality among liberal journalists where global warming is the accepted norm and those who are skeptics are either mocked or ignored altogether. Unfortunately, Osgood’s quick segment promoting global warming was not the only example of liberals rejecting skeptics of global warming or “climate change.”

On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, host George Stephanopoulos and three of his liberal guests ganged up on Governor Pat McCrory (R-NC) over the issue of climate change in the wake of the recent snowstorms that hit the east coast. Other than McCrory, the rest of the panel argued that extreme weather events, such as massive snowstorms in the South, were examples that global warming is real. For his part, Governor McCrory pushed against the liberal panel but his skepticism was immediately dismissed.

As my colleague Mike Ciandella recently noted, the liberal media is obsessed with pushing the global warming narrative, and has gone so far as to repeat the misleading statistic that “97 percent of Scientists” believe in global warming. Despite the mounting evidence refuting the liberal media’s global warming hysteria, those who question climate change will continue to be ignored, or in the case of Charles Osgood, be compared to those who once believed the Earth was flat.

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