Oracle’s Larry Ellison: Google Is ‘Absolutely Evil’ Taking ‘Our Stuff’ to Create Android Phone

Oracle’s Larry Ellison had some very harsh words for Google Monday, especially for co-founder Larry Page.

In an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning, Ellison called Google “absolutely evil” for taking “our stuff” to create the Android phone.

LARRY ELLISON: The only guys I have trouble with are the Google guys.

CHARLIE ROSE, HOST: Really. So Larry [Page] and Sergey [Brin] you have trouble with?

LARRY ELLISON, CEO ORACLE: Larry specifically. I think…

ROSE: Larry per se?

ELLISON: Yeah, Larry per se.

ROSE: Why?

ELLISON: Because he makes the decisions over there. He runs that company. No one else runs that company. And they decided, let me be very clear. When you program, when you write a program for the Android phone, you write it, you use the Oracle tool, the Oracle Java tools for everything, and at the very end, you press a button that said “Convert this to Android format.” We don't compete with Google. We don’t do anything Google does. We just think they took our stuff, and that was wrong. That's a completely separate issue.

ROSE: But you think they're evil.

ELLISON: I think what they did was absolutely evil.

ROSE: And you blame Larry Page.

ELLISON: 100 percent Larry Page.

ROSE: So if what they did is evil, that makes Larry Page evil.

ELLISON: No, it makes what he did evil, which is quite different. And I know his slogan is “Don't be evil.”

ROSE: Exactly, that’s what I’m talking about.

ELLISON: And I think he slipped up this one time.

ROSE: So he’s a good guy except this one time when he…

ELLISON: This really bothers me. I don't see how he thinks you can just copy someone else's stuff. It really bothers me.

For some background, Oracle sued Google in 2010 for infringement on Java patents that Oracle purchased from Sun Microsystems earlier that year.

The judge ruled against Oracle this past May. Oracle has since appealed.

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