Michael Steele: Hillary Had 'Many Fawning Fans from the Right' in Senate

The review of Andrea Mitchell's long, biased NBC News career reminds us that her ardor for Hillary Clinton caused here to pitch the former First Lady as "the most admired woman in America, beating Oprah in a landslide," and characterizing the Clinton years as "the good old days." 

Apparently, this kind of fawning is catching on with former RNC chairman Michael Steele, who strangely proclaimed on Geraldo Rivera's radio show Thursday that Mrs. Slick Willie is very "accomplished" and had "many fawning fans from the right" when she served in the Senate. Apparently, you can't call her a liberal and blame her for Hillarycare:

STEELE: The caution to the Republican party from my standpoint is, don't think you're going to run the 1994 playbook against Hillary Clinton. This is not the first lady from Arkansas any longer. This is a woman who's an accomplished diplomat, an accomplished United States senator, who shows, again, the propensity, like a Chris Christie, to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans in the Senate. [There were] many fawning fans from the right in the United States Senate for Hillary Clinton while she was there.

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