Mainstream Media Doesn't Care About Jesus

University of Saskatchewan newspaper, The Sheaf, has gone over the top taking a jab at Christians. Just a week after the newspaper refused to run the Danish cartoons because it so offended militant rioters in Europe, the paper ran a cartoon of Jesus performing oral sex on a "capitalist pig". They are blaming it on "editorial oversight", the editor has already resigned.

The real story I'd like to point your attention to is the lack of coverage in the Antique Media with regard to this story; it happened a week ago tomorrow. Right now there is a whopping 7 articles on Google News from huge mainstream papers like "Novopress" and "Fort Frances Times", and while a story from the "Saskatoon Home Page" is listed on Google News, the story has been removed. Where are you LA Times, NY Times, and Boston Globe?

Such coverage may lead Kayne West to proclaim "MSM doesn't care about Jesus Christ."

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