Arianna Huffington: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Sending a Bad Message to Women’

The liberal media have been gushing and fawning for weeks about Hillary Clinton beginning her obvious campaign for president.

Don’t count Arianna Huffington among them, for on ABC’s This Week Sunday, the founder of the Huffington Post actually said that Clinton not taking some time off to recharge herself is “sending a bad message to women that the only way to succeed, the only way to run is to drive yourself into the ground” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, HOST: Hillary Clinton back on the stage this week. We saw her with Joe Biden. Gave another speech to a women's conference here in New York, and here was her plea.


HILLARY CLINTON: Let's keep fighting for full participation, and let's keep telling the world over and over again that, yes, women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all!


STEPHANOPOULOS: Arianna, she's also announced that she's writing a memoir of her time at the State Department. Chelsea Clinton on the cover of Parade magazine this week. A Super PAC supporting Hillary has already begun. Do you have any doubt that at some point she's back in?

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: No, no, she's obviously running. But what I was hoping is that she would have taken more time to become what she called herself “untired.”


HUFFINGTON: “Untired,” that was her term. You know, she wanted to sleep in, to be able to recharge herself. She hasn't given herself that time, and I think that's sending a bad message to women that the only way to succeed, the only way to run is to drive yourself into the ground. After all, she collapsed. She had a concussion.

And right now, you see a greater debate among corporations, among individuals, how can we define success? How we can actually reduce stress and burnout which is having a terrible impact on our health care system? 75 percent of health care costs are because of chronic, preventable diseases many of them brought about by stress. She could be an incredible leader in helping us do our life and our success differently not just for women but for men.


A perilously liberal female "journalist" saying on national television that Hillary Clinton is sending a bad message to women.

Will wonders never cease?

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