Celebrities Facing Harsh Criticism Online for Their Support of Israel

Out: hateful tweets to black actresses supporting Romney for president. In: hateful tweets to celebrities tweeting their support for Israel in its struggle against the Palestinian terrorist network Hamas.

The conservative website The Blaze, noted that comedian Jon Lovitz -- who famously lashed out earlier this year about President Obama's determination to hike taxes -- and reality show star Kim Kardashian were harassed this past weekend with profanity-laced tirades and death wishes.

Twitter watchdog service Twitchy also covered the wave of abusive feedback Kardashian and Lovitz received for simply expressing sympathy for Israel. Kardashian was lambasted for tweeting "praying for everyone in Israel" on Friday morning. Without intending to offend anyone, the famous socialite retracted her post and apologized in her personal blog. Lovitz on the other hand, confronted the digital mob head on.

Lovitz responded to the first dissenters with a plea for sanity. "It’s also sad to hear Americans defend Hamas, a terrorist organization," he wrote . "Israel has a right to defend its citizens." When asked what to make of the knee-jerk reaction from the left-leaning assemblage that followed, Lovitz protested that, "They're not liberal. They're closed minded."

It didn't end there however. Lovitz wasn't interested in making any friends but acknowledged that the loss of life in general is distressing.

This isn't the first time the former Saturday Night Live player has faced the wrath of liberals online or otherwise. Lovitz has made a name for himself over the last couple years for publicly opposing some of the Obama's ineffectual policies and clumsy leadership. Back in May, Lovitz dropped by The O'Reilly Factor to share his thoughts on Obama's "dishonest" and "divisive" tax policy rhetoric.

Along with Dennis Miller and Adam Carolla, he is one of only a few comedians in Hollywood who have been willing to mock the ineptitude of an administration that tends to get a pass from the majority of the media.

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