Daily Kos Hates Huckabee's 'Fetus Fixation' Film -- Without Seeing It

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee premiered a pro-life documentary called "The Gift of Life" in Des Moines last night, and Kaily Joy Gray at the Daily Kos sneered, "In case it was not sufficiently clear just how Jesus-y the Republican candidates for president are, today they'll have an opportunity to really pander to the extremist wing of the extremist party at Mike Huckabee's propaganda-and-popcorn extravanganza."

Gray mocked Huckabee for having a "fetus fixation" and serving up "16th century health care." She hated the idea of this film so much she admitted she couldn't even watch a trailer for this "filth," but she just knew the "forced birthers" would lie:

Yes, today Mike Scorsese Huckabee will be premiering The Gift of Life, his every-sperm-is-sacred flick, produced in conjunction with the group Citizens United—yes, that Citizens United. Huckabee, wannabe kingmaker that he is, has invited the Republican candidates to join him on the red carpet, where he'll be serving up 16th century health care along with popcorn, so they can really impress upon Iowa voters just how deep their fetus fixation is....

Andy Kopsa at RH Reality Check actually suffered through the documentary (or, okay, at least the trailer) so we don't have to and concluded that it is "breathtaking in its deception." Big surprise there; breathtaking deception is standard operating procedure for the forced birthers.

But today the Republican candidates will be able to really shore up their "pro-life" street cred by sitting through this filth and then, no doubt, issuing statements about how all life is sacred and special and must be protected.

And then they can go back to cheering for executions, booing gay soldiers, and demanding that poor children get off their lazy fat asses and go clean some toilets to develop a work ethic.

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