The Media's War Against Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney has begun a media tour to promote his memoir, "In My Time," with excerpts of his NBC "Dateline" interview showing up on Wednesday’s "Nightly News" and Thursday’s "Today." If history is a guide, Cheney will face a liberal media that has been stunningly hostile and derisive in their coverage of the former Vice President.

Prior to his selection as George W. Bush’s running mate in the summer of 2000, the liberal networks generally treated Cheney — who served as White House chief of staff, Congressman and Secretary of Defense — as a respected Republican leader. But the media turned on Cheney as soon as he joined the Republican ticket, portraying him as an extremist who was “anti-equal rights” and “against education” — even distorting his vote on a non-binding resolution as a vote “against releasing Nelson Mandela from prison,” as if the U.S. House had such power.

After September 11, 2001, the networks channeled liberal displeasure with Cheney’s strenuous anti-terror agenda, and the far Left unleashed venomous assaults on Cheney — casting the Vice President as a “terrorist,” “a goon,” and a war criminal. After a suicide bomber attacked the base in Afghanistan where Cheney was visiting — leaving the Vice President unharmed — HBO’s Bill Maher argued: “I’m just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact.”

The Media Research Center has compiled the most noteworthy examples of the media’s venomous coverage at accompanied by audio and video excerpts where noted. Here are a select few of those:

“When you talk about votes like that, that he [Dick Cheney] made while in Congress — anti-affirmative action, anti-abortion, anti-gun control, anti-equal rights — how does George Bush portray him as a compassionate conservative?" -- Today co-host Matt Lauer to Tim Russert, July 26, 2000.

“I read you once took a psychological profile test, and it said the position you’re most suited for is undertaker.” — ABC’s Claire Shipman to Vice President Cheney in an interview shown August 31, 2004 on Good Morning America. [MP3 audio]

“There are those who believe that Dick Cheney has led this administration and this President down a path of recklessness, that maybe his approach, his dark approach to this constant battle against another civilization, is actually the wrong approach for ultimately keeping America safe.” — NBC White House reporter David Gregory during live convention coverage on MSNBC about 8:30pm EDT on September 1, 2004 about two hours before Cheney spoke. [MP3 audio]

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