WaPo: Convicted Drunk Driver May Run for Local Office After Finishing Democrats' 'Candidate School'

Two years ago he lost his job as Alexandria [Va.] police chief on a drunk driving charge.

Now David Baker is considering running for local office in the northern Virginia city.

Allison Klein of the Washington Post has a gauzy story about Baker's penance for his crime on page B1 of the May 16 paper. In paragraph seven Klein briefly alluded to Baker's party affiliation:


Baker said he will decide whether to run in September, after he graduates from a “candidate school” offered by the Alexandria Democratic Committee, a program for people who want to run for office or take part in a campaign.

Towards the end of the article, Klein noted that Baker "considers himself mostly liberal on social matters, education, public safety and the environment."

But the fact that the local Democratic Party would teach a disgraced police chief how to campaign for office is completely unexplored by Klein.

What vetting process, if any, do the Alexandria Democrats have for screening out their applicants for campaign school?

It's hard to imagine that a local Republican Party teaching a DUI convict how to run for office would not be thoroughly pressed by the local media for doing so.

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