Touting Study, Cenk Claims Conservatives Like To 'Campaign on Fear'--Ignores 'Death-Trap' Dems

It's a favorite liberal parlor game: basking in the belief that they are smarter and more sophisticated than conservatives.  Cenk Uygur couldn't have chosen a more inapt moment to play the game than last night.  But like a moose to a flame . . .

On his MSNBC show last evening, Uygur had on a co-host of his Young Turks radio show to tout a study claiming to find anatomical differences between conservative and liberal brains.  Liberal noggins are allegedly larger in the area that helps process conflicting information. Conservative brains, in contrast, supposedly have larger amygdalas--the area that recognizes threats or fear.

Cenk jumped on the study to claim it explains why conservatives tend to "campaign on fear."  Oy, Ugyur.  Someone should check the part of his brain dealing with memory.  Cenk apparently couldn't recall that Dems spent the last week . . . fear-mongering the Republican budget proposal.  Cenk, does Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's immortal "death trap" phrase mean anything to you?

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Note: in addition to Debbie's "death-trap" classic bit of fear-mongering, let's not forget her fellow Dem, Louise Slaughter, who last week claimed that freshmen Republicans came to Congress . . . to kill women.

Watch Uygur turn reality on its head.

ANA KASPARIAN: A new study published in the Journal of Current Biology suggests that conservative and liberal brains have real anatomical differences.  Apparently, the liberal brain tends to have a larger anterior cingulate cortex.  Now, that's the part of the brain that helps process conflicting information. And then, the conservative brain actually tends to have a larger amygdala.  Now get this: the amygdala is a part of the brain that helps you better recognize threats or fear.

After playing a particularly melodramatic Glenn Beck clip to make his point, Cenk continued.

CENK UYGUR: Look, it's interesting.  Cause we always suspect that liberals do nuance. The findings seem to day that liberals do nuance. And we always suspected that the conservatives largely ran their campaign on fear.  And this shows the biology of why they do that. It makes sense.

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