Name That Party: Illinois Concealed Carry Edition

Fox News Chicago reports this morning:

Tim McCarthy, a former Secret Service agent who took a bullet intended for President Ronald Reagan, will observe the 30th anniversary of the attempted assassination on Wednesday by going to Springfield to oppose legislation that would repeal Illinois's ban on concealed carrying of firearms.

McCarthy said he's alarmed that an Illinois House Committee approved a concealed carry proposal. The full House could vote soon.

As happens so often, the fact McCarthy, now the police chief of Chicago suburb Orland Park, is a Democrat isn't reported.  In 1998, he sought his party's endorsement for Illinois Secretary of State.

We admire Tim McCarthy for doing his job bravely and possibly saving President Reagan's life.  But that doesn't give his views on concealed carry laws any special credibility

Interestingly, the alarmed Chief McCarthy notes (at about 1:27 of the video):  "I know the gang members will still get their guns and that criminals will still get their guns."

Given that obvious truth, why does he not want to give law-abiding citizens an even chance?  Oh, that's right.  He's a Democrat, a fact Fox News Chicago didn't find relevant.  

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