Daily Kos Worried About Obamacare Protests; Claim Protesters Are Paid Agitators Or Lobbyists

It is said that the people are revolting.

You said it! They stink on ice!

That pretty much sums up the attitude of the Kossacks at the Daily Kos. However, unlike the Mel Brooks version of King Louis XVI in "History of the World: Part I," the Kossacks are fearful, deeply fearful, of the people. They are worried that the Tea Party protesters who show up at the town hall meetings conducted by members of Congress might derail Obamacare due to the large turnouts and vehemence of their protests as you can see in this thread posted by Kossack icebergslim:

Sure, it is a bunch of nuts or really UNINFORMED constituents who are buying into the argument of the NON-ARGUMENT of the Republican Party for health care reform.

The Obama White House needs to get out of the bubble and get real here. We all know that the lobbyists and insurance companies are ARMED TO THE NINES to defeat any health care reform, UNLESS THEY WRITE IT.  Since they can not WRITE IT, they will destroy it.  Simple as that.

Why is this dangerous?

These folks are ON TELEVISION, getting eyeballs, and making traction.  Worried yet?  Sure, it may be just a few, but a few can rollerball into many.  The Democrats have not sold the health care reform argument because there is no f---ing bill by them.  Are we shooting the bullets into our feet yet?

If you are shooting bullets into your feet, don't expect Obamacare to heal them.  And how are the large turnouts explained by the Kossacks? According to the comments on that thread, the protestors are really paid agitators or professional lobbyists:

also, some of these conservatives are astroturfers who are actually in the pocket of big pHarma and insurance companies--not actual concerned citizens speaking their own minds. 

Be interesting to know if any of them are being paid for this craziness.

My guess is yes. There are lobbyists in those wolf packs. They are on a clock.

There are lobbyists in these packs. They are posing as citizens. They pay the homeless to stand in line for them. You do not think they are above paying some poor soul to hold a sign and chant the crazy? 

They were trucked in for the event, as noted above. Typical thuggish intimidation tactics. 

Yes, there are paid protestors out there but they aren't Tea Party participants. They are the ACORN crew who are paid by the taxpayers.

Oh, remember how the left used to proclaim that dissent is patriotic? Not anymore. Since Obama arrived in office, dissent is now treated as outright treason which must be punished as you can see in the following comments on the same thread:

What's going on that cops aren't maintaining order at these town halls? 

Where are the police? These people are disturbing the peace and inciting a riot, in my opinion. 

I'm ready and willing to go to war against these radical fascist racist f---s. I mean real war, not rhetorical. I. HATE. THEM. HATE THEM.

Apparently the protests against Obamacare have shaken up the left quite a bit as you can see in this plaintive plea:

Where are the union people?
Where are the people who've been hassled by their insurance companies?
Where are the people who don't have insurance?
Where are the people who've had to pay more and more each year for their coverage?
Where are the business owners who are being strangled by insurance costs?
Where are the business owners who would like to see their employees have insurance?
Where are our "mobs?"

You can read more angry and frustrated Kossack rantings caused by people speaking up in front of their legislators at the DUmmie FUnnies.

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