Does Get-Imus Movement Foretell Fairness Doctrine Reinstatement?

With a clearly activist liberal Congress in place, the news Don Imus has gotten the ax and that the FCC
is now beginning to look into what most likely was the Imus in the
Morning Show
may be more than the usual distraction in what has become a
typical race flair up, egged on by the usual suspects, Messrs. Sharpton and
Jackson et al.

With Representative Kucinich already talking about reconstituting the Fairness Doctrine
far back as January
, a far from Conservative radio talker may have provided
said Congress with just the opening it seeks. The ultimate prize the liberals in
Congress are after has nothing to do with race, as always, it's about politics
more than anything else.

Just look at how the politicians are already lining up. A late to the show Obama
wants Imus fired
, as does Hillary. McCain
and Giuliani say forgiveness
is the proper choice. Edwards is also for
, but the neophyte politician always seems late to get the memo;
he'll learn, or more likely parish for being such a weak candidate to start.

Imus, aside from being a shill for MS and NBC pundits with a few other
journalists and politicos thrown in, is not really all that important in the
grand scheme. At best he drew some 300,000 listeners on a good day.

A liberal Congress already quick to hurl subpoenas at the AG for normal
firings, while it's Speaker is circling the globe talking to the
likes of Syria and potentially Iran
, is not a Congress determined to catch
small fish simply to thrown them in some pan. They have much bigger fish to fry.
Within 2 - 3 months Don Imus will be forgotten, but Right Talk Radio will be the
real glint in their bullseye. And if you listen in much, it becomes pretty
obvious the major conservative talkers have already figured that out.

If you believe in Global Warming, we may have a hot Summer, but it won't be
long before a cool wind starts to blow down off the Hill with the clear if not
expressed purpose of leaving more than a few radio towers in its wake. How long
do you think it will be before we hear the first call for hearings? And we all
know what Congressional hearings are really about - politics and little

Cross-posted at Riehl World View.

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