Scarborough Crew Protests 'Pole' Remarks Taken Out of Context

An update to my earlier post that I figured would do just as well as a fresh item.

USA Today's "On Politics" blog, "TV Newser," and The New Republic's "The Plank" contain explanations from Joe Scarborough's people of how they believe the Friday "Morning Joe" banter between the MSNBC host and guest Craig Crawford about potential GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson's wife was taken out of context.

Noted USA Today's Mark Memmott:

A spokesman for the news network said this afternoon, though, that the
comment has been taken out of context and that it is "irresponsible" to
suggest Scarborough was employing sexual innuendo. "Works the pole"
could have been a reference to poles that some strippers use in their
acts. MSNBC says it was a reference to an exercise routine that a
growing number of women are performing.

Even so, it still lends a "lecherous reference" to Mrs. Thompson, conservative blogger Ed Morrissey told the national newspaper.

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