CNN Suffers From Climate Confusion

The “American Morning” team was more than a little confused on May 23.

First, they offered a report on the prediction of an “above normal” hurricane season. CNN Severe Weather Expert Chad Myers provided a rare media perspective as he told viewers that global warming is not to blame, but rather natural cycles.

“The numbers are still high still,” said Myers, referring to the NOAA prediction. “The numbers are not high because of global warming, they don’t think. The numbers are still high because of this multi-decadal cycle.”

But as they immediately followed with speculation about Al Gore running for president the irony was lost on CNN. Gore, who had appeared on "Larry King Live" the night before, insists that man-made global warming is a cause of increased tropical weather activity.

Even later, Kiran Chetry seemed to invite natural disaster. CNN Miami correspondent John Zarrella reported on the drought in the Florida Everglades and the repercussions to come.

“Now, South Florida Water Management scientists are telling is it is going to take an abnormally high rainy season. We’re going to need about three feet of water to break out of this drought. Kiran,” said Zarrella.

Chetry replied, “All right, maybe a couple of Category 1 hurricanes could do it.”

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