Syrian Dictator Defends Pelosi Visit, Says Speaker 'Doing Her Job'

Support for the actions of the Dem leadership continues to flow in from America's enemies around the world.

Last week, Al Qaeda's #2, Ayman al-Zawahri, said a Dem-sponsored bill calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq was proof of America's defeat.

Now the leader of Syria's thugocracy has weighed in, defending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) against criticism of her recent tête-à-tête with him.

NBC's Ann Curry has followed ABC's Diane Sawyer's footsteps to Damascus, interviewing Bashir Assad. An excerpt of the interview aired during the first half-hour of this morning's "Today." It included this exchange.

NBC CORRESPONDENT ANN CURRY: The Bush administration harshly criticized Nancy Pelosi for meeting with you last month. Vice-President Cheney accused her of having "bad behavior." You're smiling. Why do you smile?

SYRIAN RULER BASHIR ASSAD: It's a funny description to say it's bad behavior, because I think the other way: she was doing her job as an American official in a very high position. She wants to know what's going on.

View video here.

The screencap shows Assad literally laughing at the notion that anyone would criticize Pelosi for conducting her own foreign policy in meeting with him.

So there you have it. Bashir Assad, scholar of the American constitution and the separation of powers, riding to Nancy's defense. Look for him soon in a DNC ad: "Democrats - Doing Our Job. Don't believe us? Ask Bashir Assad."

ASIDE: Assad wins the award as The World's Most Soft-Spoken Sponsor of Terrorism. So mild-mannered, an IED wouldn't melt in his mouth.

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