ABC News: Evangelicals 'Evolving' On Global Warming and Adoption

I'm really blessed as an evangelical Christian to have Bill Redeker at to tell me that my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are "evolving."

The evangelical movement has long been considered a powerful political
entity. An estimated 65 million Americans consider themselves
conservative Christians. Their anti-gay, anti-abortion views are well
known as is their support for mostly Republican political candidates.

But times are changing.

there are evangelicals speaking out on global warming and supporting
adoption. Neither would have been endorsed only a few years ago.

Really? I must have missed the sermons all those years about how adoption is not Christ-like, despite the Bible using the adoption analogy to describe Christ's relationship with His Church.

And what about global warming? That's not really a concern germane to biblical ethics, although , yes, many evangelicals that happen to be conservative and Republican are likely to be skeptical of the theory of anthropocentric global warming.

Evangelical blogger Ted Olsen put it succinctly in a Christianity Today Liveblog post today (emphasis mine):

Whatever your stance on global warming and what the government should
do about it, or really whatever your politics is, I think we can agree
that "evolving" is incredibly loaded in this context. Yes, I get the
intended humor and irony: Those crazy evangelicals that don't believe
in evolution are evolving politically. Ha ha. But precisely because
evolution suggests a change from a lower form to a higher form, the
word in this context means "evangelicals are finally recognizing that
they've been wrong in disagreeing with me."

CT readers will know
that it's questionable to assert that evangelicals are changing their
political beliefs, attitudes, and voting behavior. But even if that's
your argument, say "change." That won't suggest that Republican
evangelicals who oppose homosexual sex and don't make global warming a
priority are a bunch of monkeys.

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