Ice Floes Trap 100 Seal Hunting Boats

In addition to asking ABC's chief climate alarmist Sam Champion about the snow-laden wind farm he
surveyed today and what it says about "global warming," NewsBusters would love to
hear the "Good Morning America" personality chalk 100 trapped sealing boats in Canada up to Americans who use too much fossil fuel and thereby warm the planet.

Here's just a few news sources covering the story:

Canadian seal hunters trapped by ice (BusinessWeek, April 19)

Fishermen say it's rare when ice conditions are this bad.

conditions are some of the most severe we've seen in 25 to 30 years,"
said Frank Pinhorn, executive director of the Canadian Sealers
Association. "I've talked to a lot of sealers and they've got holes
punched in their new boats and they're taking on water."

For a skipper, the ice stands for isolation
(Toronto Globe & Mail, April 20)

Around 100 Canadian sealing boats trapped in ice (Reuters via, April 20)

the CBC said some of the boats were running out of fuel and food. Seal
hunter Gill Cadwell told the network that the ice floes had pushed his
boat high out of the water for a time.

"I've never, ever experienced nothing like this," he said.

Pack Ice Traps Boats After Seal Hunt (Washington Post, April 19)

haven't seen conditions like this in over 10 years," [the Canadian
Coast Guard's Susan] Keough said. "We do regularly see ice each year,
but to have this many vessels out there is unusual."

The photo above is by Aaron Beswick, Associated Press, and is featured on Washington Post Web page and in April 20 print edition of the paper accompanying the article.

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