NBC's 'Las Vegas' Tonight Features Iraq Plot; Is Anti-War Bias a Safe Bet?

Tonight's episode of NBC's "Las Vegas" apparently has an Iraq sub-plot that, at least the abstract below suggests, may carry an anti-war message.

SEASON FINALE-- Mike finds out that Sam has been kidnapped
by one of her whales. Meanwhile, Danny takes drastic measures to help a
friend avoid being deployed to Iraq. Elsewhere, Delinda learns
life-altering news for she and Danny. James Caan and Nikki Cox also
stars in this unpredictable and explosive season four finale. TV-14

In a previous season of "Las Vegas," actor Josh Duhamel's character (Danny McCoy) suffered post-traumatic stress disorder following a harrowing tour of duty with the Marines in Iraq.

Vegas co-star Molly Sims (Delinda) and creator Gary Scott Thompson will participate in a live chat at NBC.com following the program's 9 p.m Eastern (8 p.m. Central) airing. [continued after page break]

Thompson's show was one of the television programs scrutinized by the MRC's Business & Media Institute (BMI) study "Bad Company."

While tonight's episode may contain a political message about the Iraq war, the program is largely apolitical and indeed exhibits some conservative themes, according to the June 2006 BMI study:

It’s ironic that network executives had to travel to the
gambling and showgirl capital of America – Las Vegas – to portray
business in a positive way. But NBC’s show of the same name used this
positive narrative to counter “Law & Order’s” cynical portrayal of

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