'Today' Can't Find a Republican To Discuss McCain Announcement

A Democratic senator has just announced his presidential candidacy. On the next morning's "Fox & Friends," a Fox News reporter who recently denied that Fox has any conservative leanings or that Sean Hannity is a conservative narrates a segment on the announcement. To analyze the Democrat's candidacy, she plays clips of two reporters, one from the National Review and the other from the Weekly Standard. Host Brian Kilmeade follows, schmoozing about the senator's prospects with a former senior aide to a conservative Republican governor.

Total lack of balance! Couldn't Fox News have found at least one Democrat to discuss a Democrat's candidacy? Outrageous, isn't it? Well, yes, it would be. Except it didn't happen. But the mirror-image did. Here's how this morning's "Today" covered John McCain's announcement of his candidacy on last night's Letterman:

Andrea Mitchell, who recently denied that NBC has any liberal bias or that Chris Matthews is a liberal, narrated a segment in which the two media people appearing were Newsweek's Richard Wolffe [one of Keith Olbermann's favorite guests], and Anne Kornblut of the New York Times. Host Matt Lauer then kicked things around with Tim Russert, former senior aide to liberal Democratic Governor of New York Mario Cuomo.

That's right. "Today" couldn't find one Republican to discuss a Republican's presidential prospects.

Outrageous, isn't it? And this time, it was all too real.

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