Today's Super Bowl Office Talk: Genitalia Suggested In Prince Behind The Curtain?

The Laura Ingraham Show this morning had a big discussion about the odd part of Prince's performance of "Purple Rain" during the Super Bowl halftime show last night. Prince is obviously self-impressed with the symbol he used for a name for a few years (the TAFKAP Era, for The Artist Formerly Known As Prince). Not only was there a huge symbol on the stage, it was also the shape of his guitar.

So many people thought putting Prince behind a flapping curtain with a spotlight so you could see him in silhouette playing his odd guitar sent an obvious er, male-genitalia message last night. Was this just a dramatic flourish gone awry? Some sort of Austin Powers hommage? And why would CBS let it slip through their censors after the Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction of 2004? Anyone else think of old Prince lyrics about the "lion in his pocket"?

Did anyone else notice that Prince was in a turquoise suit with orange shirt, which was surely a sartorial hat tip to the local Miami Dolphins fans? I'm not sure even Deion Sanders would attempt  it. But I guess he's worn a pink suit, so maybe he would -- if Miami had signed him to a massive contract.

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