ABC Asks Tornado-Struck Pastor: 'How Do You Reconcile Your Faith With This Tragedy?'

For the MSM, there's nothing like the occasion of a natural disaster to challenge the faith of religious believers.

On today's Good Morning America, Kate Snow interviewed the Rev. Larry Lynn, Pastor of the Lady Lake Church of God, whose buildings were totally levelled by the tornadoes that recently struck central Florida.

A minute or so into the interview, Snow asked a question that challenged the core of the pastor's religious belief: "How do you reconcile your faith with the enormity of this tragedy?"

Pastor Lynn answered in a manner consistent with the most basic Christian principles: "This is just a temporal thing. We deal in the eternal. Temporal things change on a daily basis. I don't know what today might bring, but I'm prepared for it. I don't know what tomorrow might bring, but I'm prepared for it, because I know who holds tomorrow. My confidence is not in the things of this world, but in He who sits on the throne and in his son, Jesus Christ."

Aside: GMA also reported this morning on the suicide bombing in Baghdad that took over 130 lives.  I don't recall the ABC reporter asking people there whether this act of evil shook their religious faith.

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