Dennis Kucinich Presidential Kickoff Buried Under Avalanche Of Media Obama Worship

Talk about bad timing. Dennis Kucinich yesterday announced that he will be running for the Democrat presidential nomination in '08 and almost no one noticed. No wonder. It was impossible for Kucinich to get the least bit of attention focused on himself because most of the media was in the midst of an orgy of Obama worship even though the junior Senator from Illinois hasn't even officially announced that he is running for president. In case you think things couldn't get any worse for the Kucinich campaign, they do. The day before Kucinich made his announcement that almost no one noticed, his former press secretary made a startling confession of personal incompetence and declared that Kucinich might not be qualified to become president because he was clueless enough to hire a press secretary with absolutely no ability such as himself. In case you think this is a skit for a comedy show, it's not. You can read for yourself the confession of incompetence by William Rivers Pitt at the Democratic Underground:

The announcement that Dennis Kucinich will run for President in '08 has been met with a great chorus of approving voices here. It will be very important to have a voice and a perspective like his in the race - "Hi, my name's Dennis, and I was totally right about the war all the way back in 2002" - but I have one caveat to offer that I hope you decide to take very seriously.

I worked for a litle while as the Kucinich Press Secretary during the '04 run, as some of you might recall. Thanks to a variety of outside and internal circumstances, combined with my own utter lack of experience and what has to be called my rank incompetence in a position I had no grounding for, I am pretty sure you can pen me into The Book as the Worst National Campaign Press Secretary In The History Of All Known Universes.

Therefore, I will put this very simply: watch the Kucinich campaign closely. If they start hiring people like me on as main staffers, be very, very, very concerned. No matter how solid a candidate may be, a campaign can die in the cradle if the staffers don't know what they are doing. If these kind of hires start happening, you are going have to wonder what the point of the exercise is, because winning anything won't be on the menu. Period.

Yes, Mr. Pitt. We will watch the Kucinich campaign closely. Not because of any concern that he might actually win but for the entertainment value of the comedy of errors that it presents. Oh, and let us thank  the Worst National Campaign Press Secretary In The History Of All Known Universes for the laughs!

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