The Washington Post’s owner reportedly urged fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg to run for president. Just don’t expect to see that admitted often by The Post. A LexisNexis search revealed that The Post ran at least 122 stories (a mix of news and opinion) that mentioned Bloomberg’s potential candidacy or actual bid for the White House between Nov. 9, 2019, and Dec. 9, 2019.

The left have cheered Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) rise in the polls after the Democrat debates. Now they have pronounced her Wall Street’s choice for the 2020 presidential election. Bloomberg reporters Lananh Nguyen and Tyler Pager on July 3 praised Warren for drawing support from a “small but growing circle of senior bankers and hedge fund managers” on Wall Street. They presented Warren as an “acceptable alternative” to left-leaning Wall Streeters, in contrast to the candidates who “trigger their most visceral objections.” Of course, those candidates were President Donald Trump and democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Alex Rogers and Zeke Miller of Time magazine dutifully hacked out a 16-paragraph item on President Obama's complaint this afternoon that Republicans were the cause of the government shutdown. It was your typical, garden variety bias-by-stenography.

Only at the very end of their article did Rogers and Miller mention that the Democratic National Committee is having a fundraising field day off the work stoppage. There was, however, no mention that the DNC desperately needs the cash because they're drowning in red ink. Reported Fortune magazine's Tory Newmyer yesterday morning: