NY Times Pundit Tom Friedman Goes 'Fascist'? High Border Wall Needed

April 27th, 2019 11:34 AM
Did New York Times columnist Tom Friedman have a true epiphany resulting in a "flying pigs" moment when, after going on a tour of the border, he declared that a high wall as President Donald Trump has wanted is needed? Well, not exactly. His call for a high border wall problably comes more from desperate political expediency since Friedman has a history of extreme Trump Derangement…

Matthews Upset Trump WH Is Standing Up to Maduro, Leveling Sanctions

January 31st, 2019 4:57 PM
On two consecutive editions of Hardball, MSNBC host Chris Matthews offered concerns Tuesday and Wednesday night about the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim president and level sanctions against the murderous Nicolas Maduro regime, applying further pressure to the failed socialist utopia.

NYT's Tom Friedman Imagines GOP Leaders Excusing Trump Shooting a Man

August 29th, 2018 10:25 AM
We have enjoyed writing satirical "Notable Quotables" on April Fools Day, the kind that are realistic enough to be plausible. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman somehow thinks in his latest column that this is a pretty realistic satire on how supine national Republican leaders are to Trump, playing off Trump's claim his backers would stick with him if shot someone on…

On PBS, NYT's Tom Friedman Says 'Trump Is a Brain-Eating Disease'

October 27th, 2017 10:55 PM
The New York Times carried a column last weekend by Maureen Dowd where Jimmy Carter shocked the liberals by saying the media "feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation." Times columnist Thomas Friedman took it to a new level on Wednesday's Charlie Rose on PBS. Trump isn't mentally ill...he's a brain-eating disease.

Every Liberal Journalist Wins Trumpocalypse Award at MRC Gala 2017

September 22nd, 2017 10:48 AM
Every Single Person We Don’t Like in the Liberal Media eventually won “Quote of the Year” at the Media Research Center’s 30th Anniversary Gala featuring the 2017 DisHonors Awards on Thursday, but it also came away with the Trumpocalypse Award moments earlier in the evening. Once The Federalist's Mollie Heminway declared the winner, conservative writer and former…

Every Liberal Journalist Wins ‘Quote of the Year’ at MRC Gala 2017

September 21st, 2017 11:15 PM
A boisterous crowd of nearly 900 conservatives and guests packed the National Building Museum on Thursday night for the Media Research Center’s 30th Anniversary Gala featuring the 2017 DisHonors Awards. After the audience selected the most outrageous quote in three categories, the crowd singled out Every Single Person We Don’t Like in the Liberal Media for the ultimate “DisHonor…

China-Loving Friedman Trashes Trump, Suggests He’s Mentally Unstable

June 7th, 2017 5:29 PM
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman appeared on the Tuesday edition of CNN’s The Situation Room and, in addition to flaunting his love for communist China, suggested that President Trump is mentally unstable even though “I'm not a doctor.”

NBC’s Todd Connects 'the Dots’ of ‘Growing Evidence’ of Collusion

March 5th, 2017 3:57 PM
NBC’s Chuck Todd took a firm stand during Sunday’s Meet the Press as he pushed accusations that Trump’s campaign was colluding with the Russian government. “Connecting the dots between the Trump campaign and Russia,” he declared during his opening tease, “The growing evidence of the Trump-Russia connection threatens to consume the opening months of…

Friedman Invokes 9/11, Rants About GOP's 'Shameful' Actions on Russia

March 2nd, 2017 9:54 PM
Appearing as a guest on Thursday's New Day on CNN, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman lambasted Republicans for not pushing the Trump administration on Russia more aggressively, calling it "one of the most shameful things that I have seen in almost 30 years of being in Washington, D.C." The liberal columnist went on to make his latest over the top invocation of the 9/11 attacks…

Camerota Hints Breitbart Anti-Semitism Behind WH Holocaust Statement

January 31st, 2017 9:51 PM
On Monday's New Day on CNN, as liberal New York Times columnist Tom Friedman appeared as a guest, after CNN co-host Chris Cuomo brought up the White House statement for International Holocaust Remembrance Day that broke precedent and did not specifically mention "Jews" or "anti-Semitism," co-host Alisyn Camerota wondered if anti-Semitism at Breitbart News might be tied to…

Friedman: After Trump’s Policies ‘There Will Be No Jobs!'

January 29th, 2017 1:59 PM
In what seemed like the ramblings of a 19th century Luddite, New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Tom Friedman appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday where he issued a ridiculous warning about the US economy under President Donald Trump. “So what’s going to happen if prices go up? American companies will build those factories here,” he exclaimed, “And…

Friedman: 'Madness' in Trump Amb Talk of Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

December 17th, 2016 3:32 PM
Appearing as a guest on Friday's New Day, liberal New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman fretted over what he viewed as the "shear madness" of Donald Trump choosing attorney David Friedman to be the next ambassador to Israel, and the likelihood that a Trump administration will finally relocate the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

Trump-Trashing Journalists Oozed Over Obama’s ’08 Transition

November 23rd, 2016 10:15 AM
During the campaign, the liberal news media did everything they could to prevent Donald Trump’s election, but he won anyway. Now, journalists are trashing the way Trump is handling his transition, as well as his early Cabinet picks. But eight years ago, viewers heard a very different tone coming from the media, as journalists celebrated the election of Barack Obama, cheered the “brain…

NYT's Friedman: ‘Maybe’ the GOP ‘Needs to Crash and Burn’ and 'Die'

October 24th, 2016 11:13 AM
New York Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman has never passed up a chance to trash the Republican Party and so during Sunday’s Meet the Press, he suggested that “maybe this party needs to crash and burn and this version of the Republican Party needs to die” in order for it to be reborn into a more competitive party against Democrats (translation: reshape their ideology).…