The Israeli elections are looming Tuesday, and conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former army chief, Benny Gantz, are running a close race. In the runup, the New York Times piled on its usual anti-Israel and specifically anti- Netanyahu hostility. Monday’s front page featured David Halbfinger, the paper’s Jerusalem bureau chief, portraying Netanyahu, who is supported by Trump and derided by many Democrats, as ruthless and desperate, a "rapacious alpha dog" with "an antipathy for liberal voices, a discomfort with Muslim minorities and a willingness to work with the far-right."

Supreme Court reporter Adam Liptak was brazen in advancing a particularly audacious partisan argument -- that getting angry at being called a rapist by millions of people means you lack judicial temperament – on the front of Saturday’s New York Times: “Nominee’s Diatribe Poses Threat To Court’s Neutrality, Some Fear.” The online headline added an adjective: “A Bitter Nominee, Questions of Neutrality, and a Damaged Supreme Court.” Occasional columnist Roger Cohen advanced a similar phony argument in more virulent, racial terms.

The New York Times Roger Cohen composed an inspired masterpiece of anti-Trump oratorical obloquy: “Wondering, If This Is America.” Cohen, an international columnist for the paper born in London, mustered his high indignation not only of President Trump (aka “Mussolini’s understudy”) but of America itself. Cohen sold his Saturday edition article on Twitter as “Turkmenistan-on-the-Potomac: If This Is America.”

The New York Times allowed barely a day to elapse before it sought to blame the Orlando terror attack on the National Rifle Association (NRA) as columnist Roger Cohen argued in a column filed on Monday that the Brexit movement, the NRA, and Donald Trump have contributed with ISIS to a world that encourages such acts of violence.

The New York Times’ Ian Lovett reported Sunday on the University of California condemning anti-Semitism in its university system, especially in relation to the anti-Israeli BDS movement infesting college campuses. The problem has been festering for years -- and so has the Times’ oddly ambivalent response to the outbreaks of anti-Semitism on left-wing college campuses. While the paper is eager to forward propaganda by the Council on American-Islamic relations concerning any traces of “Islamophobia,” on or off campus, including beer cans tossed off balconies, the Times is quick to suggest radical anti-Jewish groups are being unfairly persecuted. It's a double standard that matches its slanted coverage of Israel and the Palestinians.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof continued his sanctimony over Syrian refugees with "'The Statue of Liberty Must Be Crying With Shame,'" in the Sunday Review. He led with yet another liberal internet meme, comparing the refugee situation to Mary and Joseph's plight from the New Testament, and downplayed the terror threat with a classic "yes, but" evasion: "Sure, some Syrians are terrorists, but...."

Nicholas Kristof's column for Thursday's New York Times was full of sanctimony and misinformation on the issue of the United States accepting Syrian refugees, in the wake of the atrocities committed by radical Islamists in Paris. Meanwhile the lead editorial accused the GOP of fostering "xenophobia" by calling for a pause in allowing refugees from Syria into the country. But a normally liberal columnist attacked Obama's flatness in the face of Paris and lamented the loss of American spine in the war on terror.

Roger Cohen is a columnist for the international edition of The New York Times, and he wrote an eye-opening column for Friday headlined “Obama’s Syrian Nightmare.” American readers can find it online, but will its harsh verdict on Obama’s Syria policy make an impact on the overall media tendency to paint Obama’s legacy in happy rainbow colors? 

“Syria will be the biggest blot on the Obama presidency, a debacle of staggering proportions,” Cohen began.

The morning after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's surprisingly easy victory against left-wing opposition, the New York Times was still sore. Columnist Thomas Friedman: "It is hard to know what is more depressing: that Netanyahu went for the gutter in the last few days in order to salvage his campaign -- renouncing his own commitment to a two-state solution with the Palestinians and race-baiting Israeli Jews to get out and vote because, he said, too many Israeli Arabs were going to the polls -- or the fact that this seemed to work."

On Friday's CNN Tonight, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen contended that moderate Muslims were partially to blame to the ongoing threat of Islamist terrorism. Host Don Lemon spotlighted a Tweet from Rupert Murdoch, where the media magnate wrote, "Maybe most Muslims peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer, they must be held responsible." Cohen replied, "I do hold Muslims responsible to this degree: I don't think that we can solve this problem, Don, until moderate Muslims really speak out."

The New York Times has taken the offensive on all fronts in support of Chuck Hagel, the "maverick" former Republican senator and President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense, recounting his Vietnam War heroics in a way that previous Republican presidential candidates John McCain and Bob Dole could only envy, while accusing his GOP opponents of "bullying" him with accusations of anti-Semitism.

International edition columnist Roger Cohen generously took it upon himself Tuesday to decide who a "true friend" of Israel was, and both Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama made the cut (unlike people who, you know, actually support Israel all the time).

“Deep Cuts in Social Services” By Conservatives Led to London Riots

“Frustration in this impoverished neighborhood, as in many others in Britain, has mounted as the government’s austerity budget has forced deep cuts in social services. At the same time, a widely held disdain for law enforcement here, where a large Afro-Caribbean population has felt singled out by the police for abuse, has only intensified through the drumbeat of scandal that has racked Scotland Yard in recent weeks and led to the resignation of the force’s two top commanders....Economic malaise and cuts in spending and services instituted by the Conservative-led government have been recurring flashpoints for months...As the budget cuts take hold, risk of unemployment increases and social measures like youth projects are sacrificed, Mr. Beech said, and ‘all logic says there will be an increase in antisocial behavior.’” – London-based reporter Ravi Somaiya on the riots there, August 8.


Norway Terrorist’s “Fellow Travelers,” Gingrich and Rep. Peter King

“Breivik has many ideological fellow travelers on both sides of the Atlantic. Theirs is the poison in which he refined his murderous resentment....Republicans like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Representative Peter King, who have found it politically opportune to target ‘creeping Shariah in the United States’ at a time when the middle name of the president is Hussein. – International columnist Roger Cohen, posted to July 25.