One of the foundations in America is the need for a free press that is not unduly influenced by outside interests, which can range from influential people to corporations or governments. However, several members of Congress fear that concept is in danger of being greatly diminished due to an expanded “relationship” between the Associated Press and Xinhua, China’s largest state-run news agency.

For the cover story of its February issue, Vanity Fair profiled FNC’s Kelly File host Megyn Kelly and while they charted her admirable rise to primetime, work ethic, devotion to her family, and fair interviewing skills, the liberal magazine heavily touted examples of her holding the feet of conservatives to the fire and praise from liberal journalists like Chris Matthews and Katie Couric. It made no attempt to mention her confrontations with liberals.

Fox News's Megyn Kelly Tuesday featured a marvelous comparison of how the media cover Tea Parties versus immigration protests.

As NewsBusters' Scott Whitlock reported Monday, ABC News logged dramatically different reports about the ObamaCare protests on Capitol Hill in March and the virtual riots that happened in Arizona after that state's governor signed a strict anti-illegal immigration law last Friday.

The former was depicted as "very ugly" while the latter, despite the number of riot police and arrests, was described as "mostly peaceful."

With this in mind, Kelly invited liberal talk radio host Mark Levine and conservative talk radio host Mike Gallagher to debate the disparity.

As you might imagine, Levine hysterically saw both reports as being accurate (video follows with commentary):

David Shuster's tasteless game of "gotcha," that we reported here and here, in which the MSNBC "correspondent" exploited the name of a fallen American soldier to put Rep.