In view of continued questions over the Clinton Foundation’s dealings, Univision’s continued on-air blackout of coverage of the emerging Clinton Foundation scandal is troubling, to say the least.

There is something to be said for the warm cocoon of academia, and its ability to draw out the true thoughts of radicals. Univision News President and Fusion CEO Isaac Lee's recent presentation at the University of Texas at Austin was certainly no exception.

Lee’s eye-popping remarks should serve as a timely reality check for conservatives looking at how to factor in Univision as part of their Hispanic outreach/inclusion strategies.  During a Q&A with NYU professor Jay Rosen, Lee was asked about Univision’s “theory of trust” and truth-telling as related to impartiality and news coverage.  Here is the Univision News President’s answer in all its glory.

In one of the cover stories for Time magazine’s 100 most influential people, liberal CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour wrote about Fusion and Univision host Jorge Ramos by describing him as someone “with a heart of gold.” Amanpour’s 170-word post led off with this short description of Ramos that few (if any) in the media would use to describe any conservative commentator: “Jorge Ramos is silver-haired and gray-eyed, but inside that ring of steel beats a heart of gold.”

Univisión no parece detenerse ante nada para hacer ver al senador Marco Rubio como “el malo de la película” ante su audiencia.

El propósito de mostrar a Rubio como el enemigo de la comunidad inmigrante se hizo evidente desde la salida al aire de la emisión estelar del noticiero nacional de Univisión el 15 de abril. La conductora, María Elena Salinas, leyó el siguiente titular: “en una entrevista con Univisión, Marco Rubio dice que si llegara a la presidencia en algún momento, eliminaría DACA y cortaría relaciones con Cuba.”

Univision appears to be pulling out all the stops to portray Sen. Marco Rubio as “the bad guy” to its viewers.

The intent to portray Rubio as an enemy of the immigrant community was evident from the outset of the April 16 edition of Univision’s principal national news program, when anchor María Elena Salinas read the following headline tease: “in an interview with Univision, Marco Rubio says if he achieves the presidency at some point, he would eliminate DACA.”

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity grilled Univision's Jorge Ramos on Wednesday about the double standard applied to America when it comes to immigration, citing the tough laws of Mexico and other countries. Hannity lectured, "Let me throw up on the screen a couple of laws for you, okay? I'll throw up the Australian immigration law, which is no exceptions, no temporary, no permanent protection, visas granted to anybody who arrives in Australia by boat without a visa until further notice. That applies to families, children, unaccompanied children, educated, skilled. No exceptions."

Recently, sandwiched between the Cruz and upcoming Rubio campaign announcements, Univision took the opportunity to remind us of their own clear preference regarding the 2016 presidential ticket, and their anointed “Latino Candidate.”

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos on Tuesday grilled Harry Reid about his completely unfounded rumor-mongering that then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney failed to pay taxes. On his weekly prime time show on Fusion, America With Jorge Ramos, the Spanish and English language host demanded six times that Reid answer for his attack. Ramos pushed: "You said on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in ten years... But there was no evidence of that. Did you purposely lie?" 

Obama spinmaster David Axelrod recently went on (Univision sister network) Fusion’s America with Jorge Ramos and discussed immigration policy, among other things. In the process of rendering his accustomed Obama apologia, this time on immigration, Axelrod made quite the interesting revelation.

No journalist that encourages activism, abandons neutrality and routinely spits out partisan talking points should expect to go unchallenged. That Ramos should chafe at this slightest bit of pushback suggests that the afflictor has indeed grown quite comfortable, and is now the power that needs to hear truth.

It turns out that former North Carolina Senator John Edwards was right and there are, in fact, two Americas. In one America, concerns over an unsecure border vis-à-vis potential ISIS threats and the spread of communicable disease are totally reasonable and given a fair hearing. In the other America (pun fully intended), a network news program ostensibly solely devoted to the preservation of Obama’s Coalition of the Ascendant flippantly dismisses such concerns as racist paranoia, and no rebuttal need be sought or offered.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos recently invited to his Sunday talk show, Al Punto, an extraordinary young libertarian activist who is capturing the imagination of increasing numbers of people throughout Latin America.