En su reciente cobertura de un discurso que el papa Francisco ofreció ante la Pontificia Academia de las Ciencias, el Noticiero Univisión hizo ver como si el Santo Padre fuese el primer papa en la historia que toma en serio la ciencia.

When it comes to gun control, Univision has typically been right in sync with the rest of the nation’s major broadcast networks, which is to say, it has consistently advocated for expanded restrictions on legal gun ownership.Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, in fact, has consistently argued against the individual right to keep and bear arms. 

Univisión sigue con su larga y notoria historia de mostrar a los conservadores pro seguridad fronteriza bajo una luz desfavorable, sin importarles la solidez de sus propuestas, o el raciocinio en el cual se fundamentan. Uno de los ejemplos más recientes fue la cobertura que le dio Noticiero Univisión al debate entre candidatos por el escaño abierto de la Cámara de Representantes para el norte de Virginia.

Univision continues its long, storied history of depicting border-security conservatives in an unfavorable light, regardless of the soundness of their proposals or the reasoning behind them. A most recent example is the coverage by Noticiero Univision of the debate between the candidates for an open congressional seat in Northern Virginia.

Instead of worrying whether President Obama’s planned Executive Order on amnesty might violate the Constitution, journalists upbraid the President for delaying the step until after the election. “A promise is a promise,” Univision anchor Jorge Ramos scolded on Twitter.

Now online: the August 4 edition of Notable Quotables, MRC’s bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous quotes in the liberal media. This week, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews sleazily blasts GOP voters who reacted with “dread” to Barack Obama — “that name and that face” — and who now would impeach him for no reason: “They never went looking for a reason. They never needed one. It was not what he did. It was, from the outset, who he was.”

Also, Univision’s Jorge Ramos lectures Hillary Clinton that “no government should be in the business of deporting endangered children,” while MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry equates the sending of National Guard troops to the border with 1950s segregation. Highlights are posted after the jump; the entire issue is posted online, with 20 quotes at www.MRC.org.

In an interview with Hillary Clinton aired Tuesday on his Fusion show America, anchor Jorge Ramos repeatedly pressed the potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate from the left on the ongoing illegal immigration crisis, demanding: "Do you think you have a Latino problem?...I'm saying it because recently you said about the Central American children coming to the United States that we have to send them back." [Watch the video after the jump]

After Clinton argued for only allowing children seeking legitimate asylum to stay, Ramos cited one of her possible 2016 rivals: "But if you deport them, Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley said that if you send them back, you would send them back to certain death. Do you agree that if we deport some of these children that they're – it's a death sentence for them?"

On Tuesday, Univision’s Jorge Ramos did something his colleagues at the Big Three networks have been reluctant to do. He pinned the blame for the ongoing border crisis squarely on Barack Obama’s immigration policies.

Writing in the June 24 edition of Miami’s El Nuevo Herald (translation courtesy of MRC Latino’s Ken Oliver-Mendez) Ramos blasted the President: (video after the jump)

MRC Latino – el nuevo brazo en español del Centro de Investigación Mediática – está dedicado, tal como se prometió tras su lanzamiento la semana pasada, a la tarea de analizar la cobertura noticiosa de las principales cadenas de habla hispana en Estados Unidos. En este espacio, así como en idioma inglés a través de www.NewsBusters.org, llamaremos la atención de toda instancia que encontremos de cobertura sesgada, incompleta o errónea. Además, cuando lo ameriten, los informes bien hechos, cuyo contenido sobresale en comparación con el de los demás medios del país, también recibirán de nuestra parte su justo elogio público.

As promised, following its launch last week, the Media Research Center’s new Hispanic media arm, MRC Latino, is conducting ongoing analysis of the news coverage on the country’s top Spanish-language television networks. In this space, as well as bilingually on the Facebook page and Twitter account of MRC Latino, we’ll be calling out instances of slanted, incomplete or inaccurate news coverage on these networks as we see it, as well as pointing out especially well-done news stories, whenever merited.

Along those lines, it’s worth noting that in the days since MRC Latino’s launch, there have been some indications of an uptick in participation by conservative leaders being quoted or cited in major Spanish-language media news stories, including those covered by the flagship national evening news programs of Univision and Telemundo (the subjects of MRC Latino’s initial study).

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion conglomerate, did an interview Thursday on the new Fusion network with anchorman Jorge Ramos.

The section sparking everyone’s attention came when Ramos – self-respecting enough to offer more than the piffle a Ronan Farrow offers on MSNBC – asked when life begins for Richards. She labored mightily not to answer, since abortion advocates eschew science and believe that women should be able to abort even AFTER a child is born:

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Spanish-language channel Univision is partnering with ABC News to create a 24-hour news channel called Fusion. This new channel, set to debut late this summer, will aim to attract young, mostly second-generation Hispanics who are more comfortable communicating in English than in Spanish. As the Post notes, Fusion could exert much influence over the opinions of Hispanics. And because Hispanics are growing in number and political influence, Fusion could help shape the outcome of the 2016 election and many more elections to come. The question, therefore, is whether the new channel will be fair and balanced or ideologically driven.

On that front, things don’t look promising. The Post reported on what ABC News president Ben Sherwood said about Fusion: “Sherwood, the ABC news president, says ‘Fusion will be guided by the standards of ABC News.’ But he leaves open the possibility of ‘clearly delineated opinion or advocacy.’” Guided by the standards of ABC News? If that’s the case, Fusion is likely to become yet another appendage of the Left.