Are stronger gun laws in the U.S. inevitable? CNN's Brooke Baldwin seemed to think so on Wednesday, asking "when" a majority of the country will back stricter gun control and not "if" they will.

"[I]f you talk about intensifying [gun] laws, I guess this is my final question, and to both of you. When do you ever think – let's say 10 years, 50 years – that the majority of the country will be on the side of Marc Lamont Hill?" Baldwin asked her guests. The liberal Lamont Hill had pushed for "intensifying" existing gun laws.

Whoever was manning CNN's news ticker Monday clearly wasn't using his or her head.

Moments after the Royal birth, as CNN International anchor Becky Anderson reported the news live from outside of Buckingham Palace above a chyron reading "Duchess Catherine Gives Birth To A Son," a story about a three-year-old fatally shooting himself in Arkansas scrolled at the bottom of the screen concluding "Child Pronounced Dead On The Scene" (video follows with commentary):

Not surprisingly, America's media are gushing and fawning over the birth of the newest Royal baby in much the same way they do any utterance by President Obama.

Take CNN Royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter who actually said moments after Monday's announcement, "This is how brilliant a Royal Kate is. There are women throughout British Royal family history that have panicked having not being able to deliver a boy. And here we are, Kate did it first time" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

After NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay on Monday, CNN hyped the announcement as a "bombshell," a "big deal," and one for the "history books." CNN's open support of gay rights advocates is no secret, as it has already picked sides in the gay rights debate.

CNN's Don Lemon has framed gay rights advocates as being on the right side of history, and anchor Brooke Baldwin played into that narrative on Monday. "The NBA's Jason Collins has entered the history books today," she touted. "As of today, he's the first openly-gay male athlete playing a major team sport in America. This is a big deal."

CNN has resorted to airing a 2011 al Qaeda video highlighting America's lax gun laws as a legitimate critique of the current laws.

"You know who's watching this whole gun debate playing out in America? Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda already thinks America's gun control system is weak and American al Qaeda spokesman says it is so easy to get guns in America that wannabe terrorists should take advantage of it," warned anchor Brooke Baldwin.

CNN joined the New York Times in hyping Ronald Reagan's liberal activist daughter saying her father would have approved of same-sex marriage. Thursday's Starting Point devoted a whole segment to Patti Davis' claims and hosted her openly-gay friend who gave credence to her argument.

"Patti said she never spoke to her father about gay marriage," reported anchor John Berman. Nevertheless, CNN deemed the post-mortem claims of Regan's liberal activist daughter, who dropped her last name while in college and carved her own liberal path, newsworthy.

On CNN Wednesday, BuzzFeed sports editor Jack Moore called for a gay pro athlete to come out of the closet and be "a Jackie Robinson of this cause."

"It just shows that more than ever we need some major pro athlete to come out of the closet at the height – like while they're in the league," he ranted. "But we need a Jackie Robinson of this cause because we just need an example to show that, yeah, I can still play at the same high level," he added.

CNN's chief political analyst freaked out about the sequester cuts on Tuesday afternoon's Newsroom, calling them a "man-made disaster."

"It is a man-made disaster. Not a natural one," Borger insisted. She compared them to the massive snow storm currently hitting the Midwestern states: "And just watching those pictures of Erin in the snowstorm, I was thinking, it's like we know this huge storm is coming to the country, but nobody is buying a shovel."

Vice President Joe Biden can do little wrong in CNN's eyes. Friday's Starting Point whitewashed his telling the husband of an incoming U.S. Senator to "Spread your legs; you're going to be frisked" at Thursday's swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill.

Instead, the morning show touted Biden comforting the fretting young daughter of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). "He was a one-man comedy act yesterday, the Vice President was. Love it," gushed co-host John Berman.

Once again, CNN pressed a Republican to support income tax hikes. On Thursday, Starting Point co-hosts Brooke Baldwin and John Berman tried to paint GOP opposition to tax increases as at odds with the American people and a financial expert.

"So here is one of the biggest guys in finance on the planet saying that maybe a tax rate increase should be part of a deal. Does he have a point? Can't it be part of a deal?" pushed Berman. He cited the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, who said he "wouldn't preclude" the President's plan to raise tax rates.

CNN's own national poll has Obama and Romney tied, but that didn't stop anchor Brooke Baldwin from asking Monday if Republicans are already giving up on the election.

"Do you hear any of the Republicans giving up the fight?" she foolishly asked Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) after Republican Haley Barbour said that Hurricane Sandy "broke Romney's momentum."

Reporting on the Massachusetts Senate race on Thursday, CNN's Brooke Baldwin played a Democratic card by noting the amount of Wall Street money Republican incumbent Scott Brown's campaign receives compared with his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, who has campaigned as a populist opponent of Wall Street.  

"The Center for Responsive Politics was reporting nearly 9 out of every 10 Wall Street dollars spent in the Massachusetts campaign here going to Brown. How is that playing, how will that play with voters there?" Baldwin asked her guest, after noting the "huge sea change" causing Warren's lead in the polls. She didn't ask about any of Brown's attacks on Warren, however.