NYT Praises Pelosi's Politicized Masks; Ivanka Was 'Movie Bank Robber'

New York Times fashion reporter Vanessa Friedman paid homage to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s politically powerful...facemasks? "The Many Masks of Nancy Pelosi" came complete with five photos of Pelosi in masks which were color-coordinated with her scarves and outfits. Friedman praised Pelosi for "demonstrating good mask habits, civic awareness and solicitude for those around…

MSNBC Analyst Suggests Trump 'Corruptly' Going After Sen. Burr

It's a classic MSM damned-if-you-do-or-don't trap. On Joy Reid's MSNBC show today, MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner suggested that President Trump is "corruptly" going after Sen. Richard Burr [R-NC] because Burr has demonstrated insufficient "loyalty" to the president.

NYT's Hulse Pens New 'GOP Caves' Story: 'Resistance...Unsustainable'

Saturday’s New York Times cheered on the no-limits left-wing spending wishlist of congressional Democrats in “G.O.P.’s Slow Approach To Aid Risks Blowback” by congressional reporter Carl Hulse. It is Hulse’s favorite type of story, one he rewrites constantly: Democrats in Congress pressuring Republicans to cave in on one thing or another -- immigration, spending,…

Samantha Bee Pushes to Exploit Pandemic to Enact Socialism

On Wednesday's Full Frontal on TBS, liberal comedienne Samantha Bee spent much of her show advocating for maximum exploitation of the pandemic to advance liberal causes on issues like welfare and abortion. Leftists like former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin contributed their voices to talking up liberal economic policies. The show even threw in the latest…

NBC Relieved By Senate Hearing Free of Trump ‘Politicking’ & ‘Chaos’

As NBC wrapped up its special coverage of the Senate coronavirus hearing late Tuesday morning, journalists repeatedly expressed their relief that the proceeding on Capitol Hill was supposedly free of the “politicking” and “chaos” they claimed plagued White House briefings on the pandemic.

Facebook Aiding Rise of Powerful Tech Lobby ‘American Edge’

As U.S. lawmakers close in on Big Tech with antitrust investigations, Facebook is striking back by aiding the launch of a powerful tech lobby. “Facebook is working behind the scenes to help launch a new political advocacy group that would combat U.S. lawmakers and regulators trying to rein in the tech industry,” The Washington Post wrote in its May 12 coverage. This advocacy group,…

CNN's Berman Cues Liberal Senator to Bash McConnell's Judge Moves

On Tuesday's New Day show, CNN host John Berman prodded Maine Senator Angus King (an independent who caucuses with Democrats) to bash conservative judicial nominee Justin Walker as he opened his interview with the Maine Senator. The CNN host gave no pushback when Senator King derided Walker as "that unqualified judge," and complained that it was "ridiculous" that they were…

Velshi Cues Up Laurence Tribe to Fearmonger Over Trump Judges

On Saturday's Velshi show, MSNBC host Ali Velshi provided a forum to liberal constitutional attorney Laurence Tribe to bash the conservative judges that President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are putting on the courts, and to fearmonger about how they might effect the country's future, calling it a "terrifying" and a "really scary prospect for…

MSNBC Touts Dem Scheme to Use Pandemic to Block Conservative Judges

On Thursday, MSNBC repeatedly teed up Democratic senators to argue that the U.S. Senate should not reconvene because doing so may allow Republicans to fill judicial vacancies with conservative nominees. Both the journalists and the liberal lawmakers insisted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was “endangering the lives” of Capitol Hill staff amid the coronavirus pandemic.

CNN Fails to Challenge Pelosi Claim All-Dem Panel Is 'Bipartisan'

On CNN's New Day, Alisyn Camerota asks Nancy Pelosi whether there are any Republicans on the coronavirus bailout "oversight" committee she created. It is an open, published, fact that Pelosi appointed only Democrats to the panel, including rabid Trump haters like Maxine Waters and Jamie Raskin. Pelosi doesn't answer the question directly, making instead the mind-boggling claim…

Velshi Cues Up Sanders to Push Socialized Medicine

On Saturday's Velshi show, MSNBC host Ali Velshi again used the pandemic as a rationale for advocating socialized medicine as he defended Canadian-style single-payer health care, and cued up Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to advocate such a system in the U.S.

Dan Crenshaw Schools Maher on Dems Opposing China Travel Ban

On Friday's Real Time show on HBO, as liberal host Bill Maher debated Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw over the Donald Trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Republican Congressman argued against the myth that everyone but President Trump took the virus seriously early on as he recalled that Democrats actually opposed some of the President's early actions to…

MSNBC Cues Pelosi to Spew Trump 'Hoax' Lie, Claim Trump 'Cost Lives'

MSNBC ducked out of the Friday night briefing for a typical DNC-style softball interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Republicans get the third degree, Democrats get the "What would you like to say about that?" Melber started by asking Pelosi to "walk us through" what's going on with the small-business loan program that's running out of funds. Then Melber cued up…

Samantha Bee to Warren: You Dropping Out Was Like 'End of the World'

On Wednesday's Full Frontal show, liberal comedienne Samantha Bee was seen fawning over Senator Elizabeth Warren as the TBS host was seen in a pre-recorded interview speaking with the former Democratic presidential candidate. Bee oozed: "I wanted desperately to vote for you, and you dropped out of the race, and it felt like the end of the world." Bee went on to suggest Warren lost…