On the question of health care reform, as on every other public policy issue, the Washington establishment has rigged the game so that the only reasonable answer is more government power and control. More taxes, more regulations, more government spending, more deficits, and more national debt.

Late Monday afternoon, the Congressional Budget Office released its report on the House Republican’s proposal to repeal and replace the crumbling ObamaCare law, and it wasn’t pretty. “It finds that under the replacement plan, there would be more 14 million more uninsured people next year than under ObamaCare, and 24 million more uninsured a decade from now,” announced ABC anchor David Muir during World News Tonight. But ABC and the rest of the Big Three networks omitted key details of the bill and it’s only fair to report them. 

On Monday's CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow, co-anchor John Berman questioned former Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorf about the upcoming CBO figures of the Republican Party's replacement of ObamaCare. However, the CNN host failed to ask about the same office, under Elmendorf's watch, having inaccurately projected the financial impact of President Obama's health care law in 2009. 

As Sarah Jean Seman at Townhall.com adroitly points out: “The 2.5 million workers that will be driven out of the workforce due to Obamacare is actually 'a liberating result of the law,' in the eyes of The New York Times.”

Seman went on to quote what perhaps is the most absurd, twisted logic in the entire February 5 editorial by the Times:

Desperately working to keep his patient from bleeding out, the Washington Post's William Branigin set about emergency surgery on ObamaCare's public perception in his February 6 page A4 article, "CBO director: Health law will boost employment."

"Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf testified Wednesday that the new health-care law will spur employment by boosting overall demand for goods and services," Branigin approvingly opened his 7-paragraph story, explaining that the chief of the nonpartisan CBO was "answering questions from Democrats who were trying to counter claims by Republicans that the Affordable Care Act will cost jobs."

Michael McAuliff, a former New York Daily News reporter who now writes for the liberal Huffington Post website, stated on Wednesday that people who oppose the Affordable Care Act refer to a report released by the Congressional Budget Office that the shift of full-time employees to part-time work would result in employees losing working hours equivalent to about 2.5 million jobs during the next 10 years, “thereby raising unemployment and forcing others to pay for their health care, and adding to the federal deficit.”

However, McAuliff -- who covers Congress and politics for the site -- quoted CBO director Douglas Elmendorf, who in a hearing on Wednesday “asserted that this is not so: His office's report, he noted, says that ObamaCare will actually produce a net increase in employment and cut the deficit” while giving workers the freedom to do things most Americans praise, such as spending more time with their children or starting their own businesses.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report this morning projecting among other things, that 2.5 million Americans will drop out of full-time work thanks to ObamaCare. We will, of course, track how the broadcast networks cover this story, but if the news websites for ABC, CBS, and NBC are any indication, they will downplay and/or heavily spin this development.

For its part, for example, ABCNews.com teased a February 4 AP story with the headline "Modest Drop in Full-Time Work Seen From Health Law" in their "latest news" sidebar. By contrast, CBSNews.com was front and center with the CBO story, their teaser headline declaring, "New report stokes debate on Obamacare, jobs" [see screen captures below page break]