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On the Wednesday, December 18, All In with Chris Hayes show on MSNBC, host Chris Hayes fretted that uninsured Americans are not a "potent constituency" during a discussion of the debate over extending unemployment benefits.

He did not mention a CBS News/New York Times poll which ironically was released earlier in the day finding that ObamaCare is as unpopular among uninsured Americans as with the general population.

Speaking with MSNBC analyst Ezra Klein, Hayes posed:

On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, Carter Evans spotlighted Leslie Foster, an apparent ObamaCare "success story," who gushed about the "amazing things" in his subsidized health plan. But Evans failed to mention that Foster "campaigned for President Barack Obama's election", as the Wall Street Journal reported in an October 7, 2013 article. [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

The correspondent zeroed in on Foster, an "independent filmmaker" in California, in the midst of a segment that underlined the findings of the latest CBS News/New York Times poll, which found "a lot of skepticism...about the President's health care law. Only 16 percent of the Americans we talked to told us the law would help them. Eighty percent said it would hurt them or have no effect."

While many in the liberal media are cheering A&E's decision to suspend Phil Robertson from further filming of the network's Duck Dynasty reality show, MSNBC's Thomas Roberts suggested that the move by the network may not be "enough."

In a Facebook post, the openly gay MSNBC Live host posed to his fans the "big question" of the day (screen capture below page break):

Liberals have been predictably up in arms over anti-gay comments by Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and thrilled about his termination.

Rather shockingly you can't count Andrew Sullivan amongst them, for he took to his Daily Dish blog Thursday to proclaim, "I’m befuddled":

A South Dakota circuit court judge heard arguments on Dec. 17 from both sides in the lawsuit by Beef Products Inc. (BPI) against ABC News over its coverage of lean finely textured beef in 2012.

Reuters reported that ABC’s lawyers asked for the $1.2 billion defamation suit to be dismissed “as the news outlet stood by its reports and cited free speech protections.” BPI, a South Dakota-based company, sued ABC after the news network aired a series of reports labeling its product “pink slime.” ABC used the term 137 times in four weeks, Reuters noted.

Appearing on Charlie Rose’s eponymous PBS program Wednesday night, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times divulged some of his true feelings about President Obama.

From the comfort of Rose’s famous black-backgrounded studio, the veteran journalist revealed the one thing that disappointed him most about the president. Was it the botched rollout of ObamaCare? No, in fact, Friedman is an optimistic supporter of the law. Indeed, he told Rose, “I hope we do have national health care. I hope it works. I don’t know if it will, but I hope it works. I think it actually is the right idea for the right time.”

Is there an anatomical limit to how many times someone can put their foot in their mouth?

Consider the case of CNN's Piers Morgan who on Twitter moments ago actually accused former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin of getting Martin Bashir fired by MSNBC:

Editor's Note: Dan Gainor, MRC's Vice President for Business and Culture addressed the recent suspension of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson in the following statement to Variety today:

TV networks might claim they support free speech, but the suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson shows that to be an utter lie. They only support free speech they agree with. Foul comments by MSNBC’s Martin Bashir take weeks to resolve, but utter your Christian beliefs in an inartful way and you are instantly suspended by A&E. This is just the latest example of media outlets bowing to the militant LGBT agenda that would remove all voices for traditional marriage from TV. [statement continues after page break]

Can you imagine a priest taking a group of altar boys to see the movie “Deliverance?”

According to Tim Robbins, when he was an altar boy in New York City, at the age of ten or eleven, a priest at his church took him and some other altar boys into Times Square to see the R-rated film which contained a brutal homosexual rape scene.

Gainor says networks claim to support free speech, actually 'only support free speech they agree with.'

CNN's Carol Costello accused insurance companies of "preying on the most vulnerable people" in dropping doctors from health plans, even after CNN interviewed a doctor and an insurance representative saying that ObamaCare regulations made it harder for companies to keep doctors on insurance plans.

After the report by correspondent Chris Frates on an elderly woman who had to choose between higher premiums or the loss of her doctor, Costello lashed out at the insurance companies: "Well you know what's really scary, Mrs. Sabatino is well, right? She has the energy to fix the problem, but not all elderly people do. It's like they're preying on the most vulnerable people in our country."

Why argue over evidence, if you can silence the opposition? The popular website Reddit has joined The Los Angeles Times editorial page in censoring climate skepticism. Reddit banned any such comments from the science sub-forum of its website.

Reddit announced Dec. 16, that climate skepticism was no longer allowed in academic discussions of climate change. In an op-ed explaining the decision, Reddit moderator, Nathan Allen, blasted climate skeptics and even urged the media to censor the subject. He called for newspaper editorial sections to follow suit with bans of their own.

A South Dakota circuit court judge heard arguments on Dec. 17 from both sides in the lawsuit by Beef Products Inc. (BPI) against ABC News over its coverage of lean finely textured beef in 2012.

Updated (15:25 EST): Fugelsang testily tweeted, "Hey, I deleted a NAFTA joke earlier cos someone politely asked me. Cue the jackal child-men of Newsbusters. NAFTA hurt them, too." To that, @bfinstock quipped in reply, "Probably best to keep 'child-men' out of a tweet in which you are describing the deletion of a 'NAMBLA' joke." |  "NAFTA screwed a lot more people than NAMBLA," left-wing comedian and frequent cable news pundit John Fugelsang tweeted this morning.

Fugelsang has since deleted that tweet, but not before it was screen-captured, probably because NAMBLA, of course, refers to the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a group that wants to destigmatize or at least decriminalize pederasty [h/t Twitter user @bfinstock]:

Talking to NBC's David Gregory for the Meet the Press web-based feature Press Pass on Sunday, Israeli journalist Ari Shavit launched into a rant against the strong bond between conservatives in Israel and the United States: "In recent years, we've seen too much of an alliance between Tea Party Israel and Tea Party America. I want to bring back that alliance between progressive America and progressive Israel." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Shavit's hand-wringing was prompted by Gregory observing: " sense of many American Jews is that they are not as firmly rooted – their Jewishness is not as rooted in Israel as it was a generation ago....They feel more disaffected or separate from Israel....the foreign policy and national security concerns of Israel are all-encompassing and are no longer as resonant with younger Jews in America."