Glass House Alert! MSNBC Lets Ex-Lincoln Project Adviser Accuse OTHERS of 'Grift'

March 7th, 2021 8:19 AM

Joseph Wulfsohn at Fox News on Saturday pointed out that Lincoln Project retreads are still appearing on Nicolle Wallace's MSNBC show Deadline: White House to denounce other political figures as "grifters," which he called "throwing stones from glass houses."

The guest was former Lincoln Project adviser Kurt Bardella, whom substitute host Jason Johnson lamely identified only as a "former spokesman for the House Oversight Committee."

Johnson hosted a segment on the exploitation of "cancel culture," asserting right-wingers are "manufacturing a crisis while the rest of the country is dealing with several real ones." He touted his new podcast on Slate and mentioned that what's left out of the "cancel culture" discussion is how right-wingers and Republicans are using this phony scandal to raise money off the poor rubes.

KURT BARDELLA: Listen, all that we have seen from the Republican Party during this time of Trump being the leader and the face of the party is them milking their core constituency for tens of millions of dollars and delivering them nothing but basically a death sentence. And again, it is the ultimate con that the very people that they pander to, this so-called working class, you know, hardworking family values, white voters, these are the people they could never get in to the Trump Hotel! They could never get in to all of these great, luxurious properties where they hold all these confabs at. They make fun of these people, they are using them, and they are using them to raise money and enrich themselves.

It is the ultimate grift, the Republican Party right now. How they message to them, get them to send them $5, $10, $15, and then go on and vote against policies that would actually help these people, you know, and they are calculating that they'll never wake up and they'll never get it and they'll keep using them like a human ATM machine in perpetuity.

Wulfsohn noted that news reports have chronicled how massive amounts of Lincoln Project donations went right into the pockets of the political consultants who ran it, which anyone who looked at Steve Schmidt's fancy home backdrops on MSNBC could surmise. A report at the liberal website The 19th reported "more than half of the nearly $90 million raised by the project flowed to firms controlled by its various founders. Once it was there, there was usually no way to track how they spent or kept it."

This was just another MSNBC interview with a Lincoln Project-associated guest where MSNBC asked nothing about their scandalous mess, starting with the homosexual harassment of young men (even teens) by their co-founder John Weaver.