NYT Corrects Saturday 'Justice For All' Marches Coverage Twice, Ignores NYC 'We Want Dead Cops' Chants

It's a good thing that establishment press publications like the New York Times have those layers of editors and fact-checkers. They're able to prevent embarrassing things like misstatements of commonly known facts, misidentifications of key parties involved in recent events, and misspellings those sloppy bloggers and new media types routinely publish.

Oh, wait a minute. All three types of errors just occurred in just one New York Times item this weekend. After publishing its original story by Jennifer Steinhauer and Elena Schneider on this Saturday's so-called "Justice For All" March in Washington, which also included coverage of New York's related event, the Times issued a correction which has to be seen to be believed (HT Twitchy):


It takes special collective talent to confuse Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, believe that neighborhood watch person George Zimmerman was a cop, and misspell Trayvon Martin's name, all in just one report. Also note, given the reference to "an earlier version of this correction," that it took two corrections for the Times to get these basic items in order.

The bigger problem with the Times's report is its willful blindness to the nature of many of the people involved in the marches.

Perhaps the most egregious related omission is seen in the video below, where demonstrators are clearly chanting "What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!" over and over and over (HT Breitbart via Gateway Pundit):

So this really wasn't about "justice" at all for the significant number of marchers just shown. It was about wishing for revenge.

As has been the case at such left-driven protests for almost a half-century going back to the Vietnam War, Times reporters Dan Glaun and Colin Moynihan, who "contributed reporting from New York" mostly failed to note protesters' violent impulses.

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