Warlike America Still Crucifies Jesus? Networks Ignore Christie Heckler's Wacky HuffPost Blogs

The networks jumped on footage of Chris Christie yelling at a protester...but did you notice where they acquired it? ABC and NBC each tried to obscure the logo of American Bridge PAC, a Hillary-favoring Democrat outfit. They're also known as the Todd Akin gaffe-launchers.

The protester was also a leftist, even though he was presented as an “independent.” Jim Keady appeared Wednesday night on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes.” No one pointed out his truly wacky blogs on the Huffington Post.

Here’s part of the Hayes interview:

HAYES: Do we have the governor`s approval ratings? Do we have that? It is -- I saw this chart the other day. I was shocked. I mean, he is way under water in New Jersey, way under water. Look at that black line is his approval, that red line is disapproval. it starts to flip around Bridgegate, but everything happening after there, you know, you get the sense that the voters of New Jersey actually aren’t happy with what is being delivered by that governor right now.

KEADY; Sure. I think his usual bullying routine is wearing thin. Most New Jersey voters are independents. I'm an independent. They want the facts. They want effective government. They want their tax dollars spent wisely. They want people to be accountable. I didn’t make the governor say that his number one priority was going to be getting these families back in their homes. He said it. Deliver on it.

Keady told Hayes he was an Asbury Park councilman, but they didn’t discuss his theory that America continues to crucify Jesus in a Christmas message:

As uncomfortable as it makes us feel, we must deal with the fact that Jesus came to proclaim his radical and revolutionary gospel message of love and nonviolence, and he was murdered for it. Here in the United States, we continue to crucify him through our war-making, mammon-worshiping ways.

Not only that, Jim Keady feels Martin Luther King was murdered for the same reasons as Jesus -- for making the rich people uncomfortable -- and that today’s whites were much like King’s assassin, wanting him dead for being a left-wing revolutionary:

You see, most white Americans have reached a point where they can celebrate Dr. King, but that is ONLY because King has been sanitized, stripped of his prophetic zeal, made palatable to whites who 40 years ago may have been among the throngs of fools casting epithets, bricks, and firebombs at Dr. King and his followers.

Make no mistake about it; Martin Luther King was a radical. If he were alive today, most people in power (read: white people) would hate him, would hate what he was saying, and would hate what he was willing to die for.

Why was he cut down by an assassin's bullet on the balcony of his hotel room in Memphis? Why? Because he was a radical; because he preached God's good news to the poor; because he made people who benefited from the status quo incredibly uncomfortable; and like all the great prophets before him, he was killed for doing these.

So instead of celebrating Martin Luther King as the inspiring leader that makes you feel good, I encourage you to celebrate him honestly, and honor Martin Luther King as the revolutionary that he truly was.



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