'Time' on Rick Perry's 'Bullying': Similar to the GOP's 'Endless' Investigations of Obama

August 30th, 2014 10:26 AM

Time magazine reacted to the indictment of Rick Perry by insisting that the Republican's style of "bullying" was nothing new for Texas. Reporter Michael Grunwald covered the story for the September 1 issue and compared it to Republicans' "endless probes" of Barack Obama. 

Though the article included some questioning of the legitimacy of the Perry indictment, Grunwald also insisted, "There are a lot of intricacies in Texas law, but threatening vetoes and bullying enemies are standard fare in Texas politics. Republicans." 

To his credit, Grunwald noted that "prosecutors haven't provided much evidence of criminality by Perry." He also noted that prominent liberals have derided the legal actions against the governor. 

However, the senior national correspondent managed to somehow compare Perry's indictment to the congressional GOP: "And congressional Republicans still use the language of criminality, without evidence of criminality, in their endless probes of Benghazi and other purported Obama Administration scandals." 

Grunwald has previously attacked Perry. On August 29, 2011, he knocked the governor's economic policies: 

Texas governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry still knows about as much about monetary policy as Sarah Palin knows about American history—or, for that matter, about monetary policy—but maybe there was a glimmer of insight in Perry’s dopey rant about Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke’s treasonous plot to re-elect President Obama. Because if you cut through the mealy-mouthed Fedspeak, Bernanke’s speech on Friday at Jackson Hole reads a bit like a defense of Obama’s policies. And not just his economic policies. Bernanke, a Republican first appointed by George W. Bush, subtly hat-tipped almost all of Obama’s major domestic policies.