Lawrence O'Donnell Slams Hillary on Email Scandal

Ah! The nudge to remove Hillary Clinton from the stage. Some get it. Some don't. Among those who don't get it is Alex Wagner who lacks the subtlety to see that the exit of Hillary could very probably mean the entrance of the "progressive" heroine, Elizabeth Warren. Lawrence O'Donnell gets it which is probably why he was very critical of Hillary's email situation.

The subtext in this video seems to be Lawrence O'Donnell trying to ease Hillary from the scene as Alex continues to guzzle the Clinton Kool-Aide without really thinking ahead. First we shall see Alex perform her Clinton defense recital followed by O'Donnell not agreeing at all.

ALEX WAGNER: Well, to that point of the staff somewhere huddled sitting around deciding which emails are released. Jeb Bush did the very same thing, right? I mean he was using his own private email account. It was easier for Florida reporters to access that at a request but ultimately Jeb Bush emails dot org or whatever the actual address is in the selection 250,000 emails that Jeb Bush selected and I guess they wonder Lawrence if it is...

O'Donnell wasn't buying Alex's Jeb Bush excuse and proceeds to school her on government transparency from what used to be the liberal perspective:

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: You know what's funny to me about this is that a lot of people in liberal world today are using the Bush standard. Something they normally find to be evil on everything including what you order for dinner. They're using the Bush standard as the defense of Hillary Clinton. Bush's emails were legally available to everyone. Hillary Clinton's system was designed to defy Freedom of Information Act requests which is designed to defy the law. The Freedom of Information Act in all its government transparency which we obviously care about a lot more than voters do. That was a decades long liberal crusade. It was liberals pushing on this from the Nixon administration forward to say there's too much nasty stuff going on backstage, we got to find out how this is really working. The regulation that Hillary Clinton was defying is a liberal regulation. it is of a liberal spirit.

Of course now that liberals are in power, many such as Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration loathe transparency and go to great lengths to avoid it. Camp followers such as Alex Wagner seem to reflexively defend them but others, such as O'Donnell, are able to see the bigger picture which includes the removal of Hillary in favor a certain "Cherokee" savior.

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