Washington Monthly Blogger Has List of Panelists He Wants Banned on MTP


Diversity of political opinion must not be permitted. Expressing this deep fear is Washington Monthly contributor Ed Kilgore who is worried about a politically diversified panel at the post David Gregory Meet The Press. He presents his "remedy" in an article boldly titled, Who Should Be Banned as Panelists For the New “Meet?” What has gotten Kilgore so worried that contrary opinion might creep into Meet The Press is a New York Times article about NBC News President Deborah Turness considering the use of a panel to question guests as was done in the original Meet The Press:

As for “Meet the Press,” Ms. Turness said she worked with Mr. Gregory to try to make changes, but “we weren’t able to build a new vision together in the end.”

Her new vision for “Meet the Press” includes adding a regular panel of journalists who will question guests, something of a return to the venerable show’s original format. “The show needs more edge,” she said. “It needs to be consequential. I think the show had become a talking shop that raked over the cold embers of what had gone on the previous week. The one-on-one conversation belongs to a decade ago. We need more of a coffeehouse conversation.”

Apparently David Gregory's precious ego wouldn't permit a panel to overshadow his softball questions to administration officials and Democrats. But now that it seems like there is a green light for such a panel, Ed Kilgore is worried, deeply worried. So worried that he has presented his ban list for panelists. Naturally conservatives would not be allowed but Kilgore is so worried about a stray question challenging the party line that even faux conservatives and milquetoast RINOs would be forbidden as well:

If Turness is serious about this, we need to organize a grassroots campaign to ask that certain journalists be permanently banned from the panel of Meet the Press, or we’ll boycott the damn thing ab initio. I’d start with Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol, David Gergen, David Brooks and George Will. Even at their best, they’ve all gotten more airtime than their shaky talents merit. But I’m sure you have dozens more who deserve the Meet Ban. Fire away in the comment thread.

The left also went berserk ealier this year when it was announced that Laura Ingraham would be a panelist on ABC's This Week. Unfortunately Laura has done such a good job with her incisive commentary that she hasn't appeared on that show in at least a month. That plus the fact that Cokie Roberts looked like she would explode every time Ingraham spoke. So perhaps Laura Ingraham is now available as a Meet The Press panelist. Imagine the thermonuclear explosion she would induce in Kilgore to hear her questioning the liberal guests?

As to Kilgore's invitation to the readers to provide more names to his ban list, he got quite a big response, only not what he expected:

A proud progtard advocating for blacklisting nominally conservative commentators? Makes perfect sense. You filthy leftists are intolerant inbreds with an inability to perceive irony and appreciate anything that doesn't confirm your atrophied and evil ideology.

People I disagree with because I hate those guys. On second thought, instead of watching the show I'll just talk to myself in the mirror.

How about banning Ed Kilgore, because I don't like him.

Great idea! Turn MTP into just another MSNBC show. What could be better for the ratings?

Obviously for liberals to engage in diverse thought and opinion they need to ban all people who do not share their thoughts or opinions!

We have a place for what this author is calling for - it's called MSNBC, and it's the official Democrat echo chamber network.

Exit question: How quickly would Ed Kilgore slip into a deep coma if he turns on a future Meet The Press show with Eric Holder as the guest...and he notices that Rush Limbaugh is one of the panelists?

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