NYTimes Preparing a Hit Piece on Governor Palin?

Joseph Russo over at Conservatives 4 Palin is wondering if The New York Times is about to unleash another hit piece against Alaska Governor Sarah Palin? His suspicions have been roused because there is a Times reporter suddenly skulking around Juneau likely interviewing Palin's enemies at the capitol.

The New York Times is not known to have sent too many reporters northward in the past, so this seems a bit odd especially since there really isn't anything major happening with Palin at this time. One of the questions that reporter Bill Yardley asked Palin at a recent press conference was about her possible plans to run for office on the national scene in the future. Apparently, the Times wants to smear her again in preparation to hurt her future chances and/or blunt any help she might give other Republicans that wish to run in 2010.

In fact, I'd surmise that smearing her again now is supposed to do just that, quash her effectiveness for other Republicans in the mid term that is fast coming upon us. Palin has shown an unmistakable desire to appear at other's rallies to help them win voters and if the Times can make her look bad now, I am sure it imagines that Republicans will refuse her help in the coming election cycle.

What ever the case, get ready for another hit piece against Governor Palin to be uncorked by the Times in the days to come.

(H/T NewsBuster reader Videmus Omnia)

(Photo credit: thealaskastandard.com)

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