Democrats in Chicago and Alabama in Trouble, Neither IDed as Democrats

One convicted on bribery, the other attacks cops at crime scene saying she wasn't driving drunk

Now that the media has had it's near orgasmic reaction to Obama's inaugural, it's apparently time for some more "name that party" fun for everyone. Today we have incidents widely separated by distance, but not separated at all in at least one way. We have in Alabama a pair of convictions on bribery and conspiracy of a state wide politician and a Jefferson County Minister and in Chicago we have a City Alderman arrested for drunken driving who decided to get all up in the faces of the arresting officers as they attempted to do their job. The coincidence between the two stories is that, you guessed it, none of the stories detailing these incidents could find room in them to identify these politicians as Democrats. I know, I know. You're shocked, eh?

Our first case is that of Alabama Sen. E.B. McClain and his pal the very in-trouble Reverend Samuel Pettagrue, both convicted after only a scant 8 hours of deliberation by a jury of their peers. It was guilty on all 48 counts for the pair in a Birmingham court because "Pettagrue accepted nearly $760,000 in state grant money obtained by McClain to run a nonprofit foundation and then gave McClain more than $300,000 in kickbacks."

Senator McClain will forfeit his office because of the conviction.

Naturally, the largest bulk of the stories chronicling this tale of corruption mysteriously leave out the fact that Senator McClain is a six-term Democrat legislator. The Associated Press forgets the party, twice, as does NBC13, and (everything that is), as well as The Birmingham News. I guess that McClain's party is either too hard to find or... well, you fill in that blank.

Next we get the astonishing tale of the Democrat Alderman from Chicago that feels the police should not have been allowed to question her for drunk driving because, after all, she IS a City Official and all. Naturally, she claims she wasn't drunk even though she failed a field sobriety test and smelled of alcohol. And what is her proof for this claim? Well, Alderman Sharon Denise Dixon says it's obvious she wasn't really drunk because... get this one... because she didn't have to go pee-pee while in police custody.

Cuz, if she drank a lot, she'd have ta go... ya know?

I think it is quite possible to have only a few drinks of hard liquor, not have to go to the little Alderman's room, and still be too drunk to drive. But, I'm not a doctor or a drunk. So what the heck do I know?

In any case, Alderman Dixon was all over TV, radio and the newspapers here in Chicago claiming she was treated unfairly by Chicago's finest, saying she was going to "write them up" for mistreating her. But the Sun-Times has a different tale to tell.

But according to arrest reports from the early Wednesday incident, it was Dixon who yelled at officers to let her through the scene of a fatal fire and later circled a squad car on foot before pulling at the door handle of the vehicle. Dixon also failed a field sobriety test, police said.

Dixon’s allegations are under investigation but so far it appears the traffic control officers at the scene acted appropriately, a source familiar with details of the arrest said. Police are also checking the area for police cameras to see whether the arrest was caught on tape.

What started her bad night was when Dixon thought she should be allowed to go through a street that had been closed off by police as a crime scene. When police didn't let her do so, she started screaming at them officers said. She just couldn't understand why the cops wouldn't let her go through, I mean she is a big time city alderman! Sheese. Didn't these cops get the memo?

Naturally, in it's big write up, the Sun-Times forgot to mention Dixon was a Democrat -- and the Sun-Times also forgot in its second piece. Naturally, the Associated Press also didn't see a reason to mention her party and neither did WGN TV. Several other stories also neglected to mention Dixon is a Democrat.

So, one Democrat can be convicted of bribery and another arrested for drunk driving and verbally abusing the cops... yet the party to which they belong was left out of every story. Ah, the Old Media will never fail to cover for Dems, eh?

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