Fake Palin SAT Scores Fool Left-O-Sphere

Did you hear that Governor Palin is stupid? Well, if you watch TV, listen to the radio, or read any news outlet you can't help but find the lefties there claiming in unison that she is the dumbest woman to appear on the scene since Goldie Hawn made her chops as the blonde ditz on 1960's TV. And, heck it's gotta be true. Why, even her SAT scores prove it! Except that the "proof" of that is an Internet hoax that fooled Wonkette, the DailyKos and a blue million nutrooter sites. But, who cares? As long as it makes Palin look bad, we're golden, baby! Truth-schmooth, right?

On October 10, blogger Dawn Eden found that a posted image of hers had been stolen, then altered, and then posted everywhere as "proof" that Sarah Palin is stupid. Apparently, the biggest stir was created by the tabloid site Gawker.com on its "Assignment Desk" section.

Originally, Gawker wondered if the image presented as Palin's SAT scores was real and posited that it was believable. Later in the day, however, one of their own site commentors effectively proved it an obvious fake. But not before it fooled Wonkette and the DailyKos and a score of other nutrooter sites.

Before the obviousness of the fakery was settled, the DailyKos site pronounced the SAT score card as "credible," and the unprofessionally profane Wonkette said that the faked scores "sounds about right."

  This fake image appeared on dozens of sites in a few hour's time.

Unfortunately for the left's indulging in gettin'-the-hate-on at Sarah Palin, though, this image was stolen and made to appear like Palin's SAT score card. It was all a deliberate hoax.

  This is the real image as posted by Dawn Eden.

This sort of thing goes beyond a merely misreported story, goes farther than a bad interpretation of facts, and enters into outright forgery. And what we have here is a perfect example of how the left has no interest in "truth" as long as their agenda is furthered. Situational "ethics" is the left's calling card and this is more evidence of this salient truism.

So let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story, shall we DailyKos?

Now, let's keep our eyes peeled to see if the next level up in the Left-O-Sphere (and that would be the Old Media) start using this one. Look for the occasional comment by a lefty commentator about this "true SAT score report" to show up soon!

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