Greta Says Media a No-Show in Wasilla, 'Where is Everybody?'

One would assume that the Old Media would have a phalanx of intrepid mushing, journos swarming about Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin's hometown. One would think that every single person that lives within 100 miles of Wasilla would have been contacted by at least one journalist by now. That the media's due diligence would have been dilagenced to death at this point. I mean, it's been two weeks! Well, according to Greta Van Susteren, the media is curiously absent in Wasilla.

Greta posted a quickie blog entry on September 12 wondering where the heck everyone was?

What surprises me is that almost no journalists covering politics have come to Wasilla to get to learn more about the Governor. You learn a great deal by meeting friends, family, people in the community, business people, people in restaurants, reading the local newspaper etc….I know it is far from home for all of us and expensive for networks but I am delighted Fox sent us here. It gives me a “point of reference” so that I can better (not perfectly, but better) do my job for you…I hope you have enjoyed our coverage so far…

Well, that IS a curious thing, isn't it?

Yet, the newspapers, cable outlets and the Big Three Nets SURE as heck have been knocking themselves out creating anti-Palin stories, haven't they?

One wonders where they are getting their info?

Tis a curious thing, indeed.

(Photo credit: New York Daily News)

(H/T NB reader Thomas Stewart)

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