Chgo Trib: Giving Away Obama T-Shirt With Subscription

Remember how the media claims they are fair and balanced? Remember how "journalists" say that all they do is "report the facts" and that their overwhelming lefitism is left at home when they ride their eco-friendly bikes to work? Remember how they claim that they are the "watchdogs" of politicians and don't involve themselves in politics? Apparently the Chicago Tribune didn't get that memo because an Obama supporter visited a local Chicago store to snap the picture to prove that Obama shirts are being offered in exchange for a subscription.

So on my way to Saloon Democrats, I stop by the Walgreens on Clark and Lake. And what do I see just inside the entry? A woman with a bunch of baseball hats and tee-shirts trying to sell subscriptions to the Chicago Tribune.

The deal is, if you sign up for the Chicago Tribune at one dollar a week, you can get one of the hats or teeshirts for free. And what's on the teeshirt? Why "Obama" of course. It wasn't the official campaign logo but it was his name splashed across the white cotton fabric. The only reason I noticed is because the woman called out to everyone entering the store saying they could get a free "Obama" teeshirt if they signed up for the Tribune.

So much for just being "reporters," eh? But remember, the media is NOT in the bag for Obama!

But, doesn't this cozy relationship between the Trib and the Obama campaign seem to put their objectivity in doubt?

Of course, there was a day when the media did overtly chose sides and support particular candidates. I wouldn't mind if we'd go back to those days. Because what we have now is the claim that the media is dispassionate even as they support Obama with their every move while pretending they aren't! I'd rather the truth from the media than a lie any day.

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