Daily Beast Pundit: Hillary’s ‘The Most Royally Screwed-Over Person in the History of American Politics’

July 14th, 2017 5:06 PM

You don’t have to have been president of the United States to qualify for the “Miss Me Yet?” meme, suggested Daily Beast columnist Michael Tomasky on Thursday. Tomasky called Hillary Clinton “the most royally screwed-over person in the history of American politics” and contended that it’s “a tragedy” that Donald Trump became POTUS instead of her.

Tomasky opined that Clinton would have been a “good” president, though he thinks Republicans might have prevented her from being “great” by holding “impeachment hearings…over far smaller matters than the things we know the Trump family has done. That would be rough, but I know this much…She wouldn’t be an international embarrassment.”

She is, Tomasky conceded, “a person of flawed judgment,” and he observed that “both Clintons were way too insensitive to the appearances of their actions, like how much money they were making.” Moreover, Tomasky believes that Hillary “decided to use a private [e-mail] server because she put her distrust of those out to get her (like Judicial Watch) ahead of her obligation to public transparency.”

Nonetheless, mused Tomasky, “Who outside of the committed right can watch what we’ve been watching and not think, Gee, I guess it would be better if she were in the White House?” He went on:

I’m sure that like me…you hear the words “President Trump” on the radio and still sometimes wonder how the $@&# did that happen?...Imagine how Hillary feels. She was the target of the biggest coordinated campaign attack, stretching from the Kremlin to Julian Assange’s sitting room, in the history of American politics. She got zonked by Jim Comey 11 days before the election…And both of these after a quarter-century smear campaign…that never actually proved…a single thing of importance that she did that was wrong or unethical. And still she got 3 million more votes.

Three emails marked classified on her server. Three. About things like talking points for a call with the president of Malawi. And two of those may have been marked in error. And that was her great crime? For that, we have to live through this?