Lib Daily Kos’s Post-Election Rant: ‘I Feel the Hatred Flowing Through Me,’ Hits 'Neo-Fascist' GOP

December 1st, 2016 8:46 PM

After more than three weeks, Markos Moulitsas’s fury over the election result remains piping hot, so the Daily Kos founder and publisher served it up on Wednesday in what he called “the post that I should’ve deleted instead of published.”

“If I was a Jedi Knight, I’d be a Sith Lord today, because I feel the hatred flowing through me,” acknowledged Kos. “But contrary to Star Wars lore, I’ve decided it’s not a bad thing…One only has to look at the GOP to see how unbridled hatred served them well over the last eight years. The American electorate doesn’t reward temperance, prudence, and ‘going high.’ Quite the opposite, in fact…But, I [don’t] feel that I can’t move forward without laying out all the things I’m angry at.”

Kos’s targets included:

-- Hillary Clinton and her campaign bigwigs, whose “rank incompetence” (e.g., their misguided obsessions with high-dollar fundraising and TV advertising) cost them what should have been an “easy” win.

-- Bernie Sanders and other carping leftists: “Goddam liberals, why couldn’t we wait until after [Hillary] was elected to snipe at her? She ran the most explicitly liberal campaign in Democratic history, yet that was never enough. Meanwhile, the religious right never took their eye off the ball, and rallied fiercely behind Trump despite his overt moral failures. Now they get that Supreme Court, and we don’t.”

-- President Obama, who “wast[ed] so many years trying to play nice with Republicans.” For example, Obama “gave James Comey his job at the FBI…A Democratic FBI director would not have blatantly undermined a Democratic candidate -- with nothing. There was zero wrongdoing! But Republicans are Republicans.”

-- “The dumbfucks who voted for Trump, happy to validate his noxious mix of racism, sexism, homophobia, greed, self-dealing, self-aggrandizing, and overall assholishness. All because he validated their anger at the changing face of America.”

-- “The media, who thought endlessly harping over a non-scandal email story was clever and smart and necessary…Fuck them all.”

Having blown off some steam, Kos vowed, “My job now is to take that anger, now diffused among so many different targets, and focus it squarely on…the real enemy -- the neo-fascist Republican Party and the white supremacists who support it…Come January, we need to be united in purpose as the resistance goes into full swing.”