Daily Kos Boss: Bridgegate Causes Christie 'Collapse,' But 'Fake Benghazi' No Problem For Hillary

On Tuesday, Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas noted a new Quinnipiac survey finding that only 35 percent of Americans believe that New Jersey governor Chris Christie would make a good president -- down from 49 percent in November -- and that Christie trails Hillary Clinton by eight points in a hypothetical presidential contest (he led her by one point in November and December Quinnipiac polls).

Moulitsas concluded from these numbers that "people care about" Bridgegate but not about the "fake" Benghazi scandal. He called the fourteen-point drop in Christie's would-make-a-good-POTUS rating "pretty much an epic collapse" and asserted that Bridgegate "is nowhere near its conclusion."

This is hardly the first time Moulitsas has minimized the Obama administration's Benghazi-related mistakes. Last May, he lumped Benghazi with birtherism as "pretend scandals" and added, "After over four years of the most scandal-free administration since forever, conservatives have to hang on to some semblance of malfeasance to continue justifying their pathetic hysteria, and given the failure of their Fast and Furious hysteria, maybe this Benghazi thing can become the new scandal of the century."

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