Daily Kos: Kick the Poo-Smearing Tea Party Perverts

The Democrats' (partial) victory in the battle over the (partial) government shutdown and debt-ceiling increase was enough of a reason for Kossacks to do their happy dances and, more importantly, rub Republicans' faces in it.
"MichiJayJay" opined that for the GOP, losing wasn't punishment enough: "[N]ow that the teabaggers are down, we have to kick them, and kick them, and kick them and kick them. Into the goddamn dirt. Don't let anybody forget for a second what they wanted (and still want) to do."

"Ray Pensador" declared that normally, Republicans are too deranged to warrant his attention, but that in this case he couldn't resist gloating a little:

I hardly ever write about the Tea Party, the Republican party, and the assorted loonies that make up their membership, including the racist, homophobic, ultra-nationalist, gun-nuts, and wild-eyed end-of-days religious fundamentalists right wing that like a disease, tend to infect many a body politic...

I basically consider them to be collectively crazy, and therefore focusing on what they do would be like trying to describe the actions of an insane person spreading feces on a wall...

But tonight, I'm going to make an exception...Tonight I take great pleasure in witnessing the total and unequivocal humiliation of the miscreants of the Republican party...

And "chaunceydevega" claimed that Republicans' delusion that they triumphed in the shutdown showdown has made them uncontrollably sexually excited:

Republicans, and the Tea Party faithful especially, are serial public political masturbators. Republicans are now very aroused and excited by a belief that they "won" the debt ceiling shutdown standoff.

Put on your boots and gloves folks. Thanks to the Republican Party, American democracy is now a peepshow or XXX movie theater circa 1970s Times Square in New York City.

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