Profane Trump Attacker Reza Aslan: It's 'Not Like Me'; Oh Yes It Is!

June 5th, 2017 12:22 PM

Apparently Reza Aslan, the star and executive producer of CNN's Believer documentary series is among those who haven't figured out that whatever you put out there on the Internet stays out there on the Internet.

In "apologizing" for his profane, since-deleted tweet directed at President Donald Trump Saturday evening after the London terrorist attacks, Aslan claimed that "it's not like me" to respond as he did in a "derogatory fashion."

Your Twitter history says otherwise, pal.

Aslan's original tweet was directed at Trump in the wake of the President raising the issue of his administration's temporary U.S. travel ban from certain countries which the court system has thus far prevented by erroneously contending that judges are the ultimate arbiters of what the nation's Commander-in-Chief can and can't do (warning: several examples of four-letter word profanity will be seen in this post):


Aslan, as noted, deleted that tweet and offered the following "apology" (red underlines are mine):


Of course, Aslan's statement was not in any way an apology to Donald Trump, who was merely taking a position several U.S. Presidents have taken.

Aslan's contention that Trump demonstrated a "lack of decorum and sympathy" for the London attacks' victims is nonsense, as seen in a tweet which came seven minutes after his travel ban tweet:


Aslan's "piece of sh*t" tweet went up a half-hour after Trump's travel ban tweet — in other words, over 20 minutes after Trump had pledged "whatever the United States can do to help out."

The worst that can be said about Trump's travel ban tweet is that it was opportunistic. But we didn't hear many complaints from the press about Barack Obama's opportunism every time he used a mass killing incident to push for gun control, did we? So spare us the sanctimony, Mr. Aslan and everyone else.

Now, as to Aslan's claim that it's "not like me" to engage in derogatory language and profanity, we have these examples — only six of several more — found by Twitchy and its followers within 90 minutes of his "apology" tweet:

  • (responding to a Paul Ryan tweet on Mother's Day — "Except of course Syrian moms fleeing war, famine, and genocide with their starving children. F**k those moms."
  • (responding to a tweet from Dinesh D'Souza about Barack Obama's childhood) — "Hey Dinesh. I'll say this as politely as I can: Go f**k yourself, you adulterous piece of sh*t felon."
  • (On what Khizr Khan's wife would say to Trump if they spoke) — "She'd probably tell you to go f**k yourself."
  • (Reacting to Trump's late May overseas trip) —"But on the plus side he didn't sh*t himself in public."
  • (As a sore loser ridiculing Vice President Mike Pence after the Republican candidate in a Montana special congressional election won despite being charged with assaulting a reporter) — "And Jesus said, 'if someone tries to ask you a question, beat the sh*t out of them.'"
  • (On Trump) — "Oh the joy when this lying conniving scumbag narcissistic sociopath piece of sh*t fake president finally gets what's coming to him."

Aslan even called Trump a "POS" just days ago, on May 17, responding to a tilted HuffPost article on persecution of Christians: "This is precisely the bullshit that led a record 81% of WHITE evangelicals to vote for a greedy lecherous racist pathological lying POS".

For pro-violence speech, there's one tweeted out by For America: "Just to be clear I was indeed wishing someone would rape congressman Todd Akin. I'd hate to be misunderstood."

Exit questions: 1) If Islam is the Religion of Peace that supposedly practicing Muslim Aslan says it is, what justifies his liberal use of profanity and hate speech? 2) How can anyone, including CNN, possibly consider this all too easily unhinged and fundamentally dishonest guy a serious documentarian on the world's religions?

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