Chelsea Handler Upset That Trump Family's 'Jeans' Will Be Inherited by Unborn Grandchild

Chelsea Handler's tweet on Monday in reaction to the announcement by Lara and Eric Trump that they are expecting their first child shows that we have yet to reach bottom in anti-Trump meanness and incivility, and that the "leave the family alone" admonishment is so 2016.

Serendipitously, given that the left routinely ridicules many of the center-right's supporters and everyday Americans in general as ignoramuses, Handler's tweet also reflects badly on her literacy.

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The announcement which triggered the horrid Ms. Handler was a story and related tweet breaking the Trump couple's pregnancy news at, to which Lara Trump responded:


Handler, despite allegedly being a comedian, couldn't handle the happiness:


Based on the tweet above, Ms. Handler seems to believe that children inherit their Levis or Wranglers from their parents.

This gave rise to the following follow-up tweet:

Nice try, girl, but that wasn't a "spelling mistake." "Stoned" or not, it was an exposure of breathtaking ignorance. Unlike you, Ms. Handler, most of your audience, as well as the vast number of people decidedly not in your audience. don't need "an excuse," because they know that what one biologically inherits from their parents has a spelling that is not the same as the article of everyday clothing that many people wear.

Donald Trump Jr. quickly and admirably rose to the couple's defense:


Handler's tweet appeared just a few days after Sarah Stites at NewsBusters posted a quiz identifying Ms. Handler's most outrageous comments to that point. Handler's reaction to the wonderful news of a couple's pregnancy certainly would have gotten into the quiz if it were revised and presented today.

Naturally, no one in the establishment press, or anyone else prominent on the left, is criticizing Handler for crossing a line, which just about guarantees that the ongoing breakdown of civility will get worse from here.

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